8 Questions to Ask Before Live Streaming a Boston Event

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Live streaming an event can help you appeal to the people you want to reach, whether or not they are able to attend in person. From small event venues that can’t hold more than a specific amount of people to individuals who live too far away to make it to your Boston event, there are many reasons why live streaming a Boston event can help you reach everyone you want to reach. These eight questions below will help you determine several important factors for a great project experience. 

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They’ll make it easy for you to know which production company is right for you and help you determine the quality service they can provide. Quality is always the way to go with live stream productions, so make sure you take your time to find the best option for you. Think about your answers to these questions: 

1. Are you prepared for live streaming projects? 

Live streaming is somewhat new in the world of production so not every production company you come across is actually going to know how to deliver quality production services. If you’re in doubt, simply ask them if they know what to do to deliver quality live streaming services for your next local Boston event. 

2. Can you stream using the platform we’d like to use?

Some live streaming companies can only stream on specific platforms, due to contracts, etc. So, if you want to stream on a specific platform like Facebook Live or a custom server, check in with the production crew to make sure that this can be done for live streaming a Boston event with their company.  

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3. Will you provide technical support during the whole project?

Have you ever worked on a live stream event? If not, you’ll definitely want to find a team that can offer the technical support you could need during your project. Even if you’ve experienced a live stream event before, you may still find that tech support from start to finish is very important. Check in with the crew you’ll be working with to make sure that they can offer the service you need in real time. You want your live stream to be successfully shared. 

4. Will you handle the live stream side of things during the event?

Whenever and wherever you have your event take place, from Back Bay to Beacon hill, you’re probably going to have your hands full. Needing to stay on top of the technical aspect of live streaming during your event may be a bit too much. Make sure that the production company you work with can handle the live streaming so you can handle the rest. 

5. Is reliable internet connection required or does 4G work?

In places where you may not have an internet connection, how successful can your project be? Check with your crew to find out how they handle connectivity issues and if they have backup connections or ideas for handling your live stream broadcast.  

6. Do you have top gear for broadcasting?

When you hire a crew for live streaming a Boston event for you, you want to make sure they offer quality in every way and one such way is the type of gear they use. If they aren’t using industry-standard gear, you may want to look elsewhere. Equipment makes a difference in the results. 

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7. How many cameras will be used for your live stream?

This question helps you understand the quality of the video you want to share with your audience. Various cameras at a live stream shoot allow for great angles and shots so that the real time visuals are captivating and interesting for your audience. If one camera is disrupted, there will still be others to capture the shots you need. 

8. Can text graphics be a part of the overlay?

If you want to know if you can use graphics to share details in your live stream, ask a video production company if they know how to make this happen. Any specific request you may have should be discussed before the project gets started, so you can be sure they have the necessary expertise for the job. 

Beverly Boy Productions is a company that offers quality live streaming services in the city. If you need help live streaming a Boston event, get in touch with our crew today!

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