6 Questions to Ask Boston Based Cinematographers Before Hiring

6 Questions to Ask Boston Based Cinematographers Before Hiring

Cinematography is one of the most important roles in video production. The cinematographer is responsible for determining the underlying vision and style for your video project through light, lens, and action. It’s a big decision, but hiring Boston based cinematographers that are most suitable for your video production can literally make or break the overall success of your project.  Experience and background are key, which is why interviewing the various Boston based cinematographers on your list will be important. Certain challenges that could arise during the production of a film can only be thoroughly understood, and overcome, through work experience. 

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1. Would You Prefer We Refer to You as a Cinematographer or a Videographer?

An amateur might think that the two words, “cinematographer” and “videographer,” mean the same thing. But in filmmaking, they really don’t!

When we think of a videographer, we’re seeing weddings and freelancers pop up, and it’s not pretty! (Not to say that there’s not a spot for these professionals, it’s just that the spot isn’t on a film set!) 

So this first question isn’t meant to be a trick — but it may come off as one for someone that doesn’t have much background in the industry. However, the answer that you receive will provide you with insight into the individual’s understanding of the industry.

A true cinematographer will want to be referred to as such, and they’ll tell you that the key difference between them and a videographer is that they use their camera to tell a story. Every movement, angle, light, and frame is special!

2. What Would You Say Your Most Important Qualities Are?

Again, not a trick question! The purpose of asking Boston based cinematographers about their own qualities is to get a feel for how confident and connected they are with their own emotions. Great cinematographers will tell you that they believe their important qualities include things like:

  • Great communication
  • Strong creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Keen vision 

Your goal is to see if they believe that creativity and communication are at the root of their success — as should be!

3. How Do You Plan Your Shoot?

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Boston based cinematographers will all have their own workflows and methods, what you’re looking for here is candidates that describe planning the shoot extensively in advance.

You want to hear that they are doing their homework, researching proper use of equipment and gear, and that there is a method to their approach. 

4. What Would You Do If a Client Disagreed with Your Vision?

Despite the greatest intentions and the best communication, there will be times when the vision between cinematographer and client does not match up, it’s important for you (the client) to know how the cinematographer will react if this happens between the two of you?

What will they do? How will they fix the problem? You’re looking for an answer that demonstrates the cinematographer’s ability to communicate as well as to remain professional and confident throughout the process. 

You certainly don’t want someone to just fly off the handle, walk out on the project, or otherwise quit over this. Knowing how each of the Boston based cinematographers on your list would handle a creative disagreement is important!

5. What Was Your Favorite, and Most Rewarding Past Project?

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It’s okay if they only have one, but a lot of times you’ll get two answers for this question — a most favorite, and a most rewarding. This also shows you that they’ve had more projects to work on than most.

Make sure that their answer further reveals details about the individual’s underlying interests, their creative style, and their passion for the field.

6. What is the Most Advanced Cinematography Technique that You Have Gained?

This is the chance for the Boston based cinematographers on your list to shine with perfection — or for them to show off their weakness. Naturally, you’ll want to consider hiring those that have the strength and confidence in the field.

The answers should include information about professional equipment, gear, and experience over years of professional service.

Hiring Boston based cinematographers near you will require a bit of effort, but for immediate access to talented camera crews that are prepared for your project, give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 617-314-9267!

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