23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Brockton

Searching for a local videographer in Brockton, MA might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually easier than you think. Brockton boasts various places where you can discover high-definition videographers who are ready to produce videos for your enterprise. Whether you’re looking to enlist a Brockton videographer for minor or substantial tasks, this comprehensive guide of locations to find local Brockton videographers will connect you with professionals available for services throughout the South Shore and beyond.


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How Do I Find a Local Videographer in Brockton?

Locating and hiring a local videographer in Massachusetts capable of producing high-quality marketing videos, customer testimonials, product walkthroughs, tutorials, or even a documentary or live event coverage isn’t a tall order—you just need to know where to look. A professional Brockton videographer will bring a wealth of experience, the necessary equipment, professional attitude, and a commitment to your project. While it’s advantageous to engage a seasoned pro, it’s not straightforward to find a videographer possessing the essential professional skills, resources, and experience.

If you’re looking for an ENG or EFP crew in the 02301-02305 zip codes, require a camera operator to capture the charm of local shops in Plymouth County, or perhaps a multi-day shoot live-streaming at the Brockton Symphony Orchestra, it’s crucial to know where to locate the right talent. That’s why this expansive list of 23 places to find a local videographer in Brockton, MA is here to jump-start your next project.

1. Beverly Boy Productions

Kicking off our list based on merit is Team Beverly Boy! They lead the industry with dedication and daily zeal. Beverly Boy Productions makes your search for a Brockton videographer a breeze. With decades of industry presence, they offer certified local Brockton film crews acquainted with the area. They aim for precision the first time around, saving you both time and money. Reach out to our office and consult one of our producers to pick the videographer best suited for your specific project. It’s as straightforward as 1, 2, 3.


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2. Reddit for Hire

Reddit offers an expansive variety of features, from news aggregation to a hiring thread and an open forum for all topics. To find Brockton videographers, simply post your project details on the For Hire section and wait for the community to respond. With a daily active user count in the millions, the odds are good that a local professional is ready to meet your videography requirements.

3. simplifies the process of finding a Brockton videographer who can work based on an hourly rate. You post your project, and freelancers send their bids. For optimum results, ensure your posting is highly detailed. The platform’s AI algorithm connects you with the most compatible professionals, making it easier for you to pick the ideal Brockton, MA freelancer. Once chosen, you make a deposit to initiate the work, paying the full amount only when satisfied with the deliverables.

4. Facebook

Facebook serves as an excellent hub to find local Brockton videographers for various projects. With billions of active users worldwide, finding a local video crew in Brockton boils down to searching and posting. The Facebook Marketplace section is a treasure trove of local businesses and freelancers offering the exact videography services you need.

5. Personal Recommendations

Word-of-mouth advertising remains a powerful tool to find local videographers. Personal recommendations offer unique benefits that other methods on this list may lack. For example, speaking to local friends or business associates about their previous projects can guide you toward a videographer with the specific skills you require, saving you valuable time sifting through potential candidates.

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Designed specifically to compile a comprehensive list of videographers, is an invaluable tool for both media professionals and businesses in need of video services in Brockton. Serving both the US and Canada, this site simplifies the task of finding local Brockton videographers by concentrating on this specific industry. Just choose Massachusetts and then Brockton to refine your search, and you’ll be in touch with experienced professionals ready to assist you immediately.

7. is a worldwide portal dedicated to connecting skilled individuals with video production gigs. If you’re scouting for a Brockton videographer, this is a stellar place to start. The platform boasts industry professionals, such as videographers, actors, and various other production professionals. Through this extensive global network, connect with skilled individuals who are ready and capable of bringing your project to life.

8. Brockton Chamber of Commerce

The Brockton Chamber of Commerce is a useful resource for finding industry experts, including videographers. Make a call to the chamber, inquire about their resources, and they’ll help you locate top-notch videographers in Brockton. The chamber usually houses listings from various service providers, making it easier for residents to find the exact services they’re seeking.

9. Upwork

With a global user base of over 14 million and around 145,000 active users, Upwork is a diverse platform perfect for finding a Brockton, MA videographer for any project type. Simply post your project details and await bids, or browse the platform’s comprehensive list of freelancers and invite them to bid. The global reach of Upwork ensures that you can find a videographer in Brockton that aligns with your project needs, no matter where you are located.

10. Craigslist

Although not always the most reliable source for freelancers, Craigslist has been instrumental in the inception of several big companies. The platform has a page dedicated to Brockton, where you can either post your job or sift through listings of freelancers offering their services. It’s a free avenue to discover local Brockton videographers without any financial commitments.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn serves as a professional networking site that features freelancers, businesses, and experts across numerous industries globally. It’s an excellent platform for hiring a Brockton videographer capable of meeting your filmmaking aspirations. You can connect with different videographers in the Brockton area and select the one that best suits your project needs. Utilizing LinkedIn proves both engaging and functional for fostering business relationships.

12. Instagram

Instagram has become a mainstream platform for professionals to display their skills and services. When looking for a Brockton videographer, you can browse portfolios, reach out to prominent users, and identify freelancers with both ambition and experience. Utilize hashtags like #BrocktonVideographer, #BrocktonCameraCrew, and #setlife to find local videography services. Instagram, with its global user base exceeding 1 billion, is well-used across many nations.

13. Gigsalad

Specializing in event planning, Gigsalad offers full-service booking for entertainers and videographers alike. The platform features real users and businesses vying for opportunities to showcase their skills. Locate a Brockton videographer who is professionally qualified and proficient in all facets of video production, and feel free to explore other service providers on the platform.


Originally designed for freelancers in Australia, has now extended its reach to include cities like Brockton, among others worldwide. Established in 2009, the site has over 20 million users globally, providing a marketplace for a variety of skills including videography, film editing, animation, graphic design, and much more.


Looking to find Brockton videographers effortlessly and without any charges? is a dedicated search platform that connects service providers with those in need of their services. If you’re in search of a local videographer in Brockton, all you need to do is perform a quick search, and you’ll be instantly connected to professionals offering videography services tailored for your business needs.

16. BNI Business Network International

As a global organization with roots in local communities, BNI boasts over 270,000 members and more than 10,000 chapters across over 70 countries worldwide. Locating a Local Videographer through this expansive network is straightforward. Simply attend a meeting at your local Brockton chapter and become a member.

17. The Knot 

In Brockton, identifying event videographers through The Knot is quick and hassle-free. Although primarily geared toward wedding videography, The Knot does offer opportunities to find local videographers capable of providing diverse video content for businesses as well. Consider The Knot your go-to resource for discovering videographers nationwide, including local Brockton vendors providing venue locations and a range of other services.

18. Wedding Wire 

Wedding Wire closely resembles The Knot, focusing predominantly on wedding videography but also listing various freelancers and companies offering video production and editing services. Whether you’re in Brockton or somewhere else, connect with a local videographer to create stunning videos of your wedding or other events.


When it comes to job listings, Simply Hired is a comprehensive search engine that also lists local Brockton videographers specialized in corporate videos, live events, and more. This is the site to visit when you’re looking to post a project or job requiring a skilled professional. Post your job for free, and you’ll soon have Brockton-based videographers and vendors vying for your project.

20. LocalGrapher

For those in Brockton seeking a videographer, LocalGrapher is a standout platform. It serves as a search engine for finding local talent in photography, videography, and cinematography. The platform offers a network of skilled creatives available in over 800 locations worldwide, enabling you to focus on other important aspects of your business while a local videographer takes care of the rest.


Organizing an event in Brockton is a cinch with EventEctive. The platform lists Brockton videographers and a multitude of other event professional, from venues to catering services. You can compare videographer prices, read reviews, and much more. Communicating with potential videographers is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call. EventEctive is your starting point for planning any type of event, large or small.

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On Thumbtack, finding a local Brockton videographer is as easy as entering your zip code and selecting the service you need. The platform boasts over 250,000 professionals across various industries, offering services to more than 25 million customers, including videography in Brockton. To ensure a good fit, check their hourly rates, areas of expertise, and customer feedback before making a hire.


Media-Match serves as an online community created especially for media professionals. The platform has a database featuring around 161,000 media pros and over 100,000 media companies ready for various projects. Through Media-Match, you can easily connect with a local videographer in Brockton to work on your project. In addition to this, the site offers up-to-date news about the media industry, globally and locally.

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