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Searching for professional New Orleans virtual conference services is a bit difficult, especially if it’s something you want to do on your own. That’s why working with our crews at Team Beverly Boy to turn your virtual trade show idea into a compelling experience for your audience can be beneficial. If you’re looking for a virtual conference provider in Louisiana, our seasoned crew will help your business extend its reach, growing your audience, and increasing engagement for your brand.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, live stream conference services is where you’ll find a variety of benefits when you’re thinking about using virtual conferences in your marketing campaigns. Contact us today to find out how to go about filming a virtual event from the beginning to turning an in-person event into a hybrid or fully virtual event.

Virtual Conference Management

A top benefit to using New Orleans virtual conference services provided by Team Beverly Boy is the full conference management which can include the coordination and execution of said event. We’ll be in touch with you every step of the way, including planning and more, to ensure that all technical aspects of production are covered.

This is important, as there is a lot to coordinate in these events, including keynote speakers and breakout sessions, and if you try to do it on your own, you’ll see pretty quickly how challenging it can be.

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Our team can assist you with:

– Designing a virtual event that can keep your audience engaged.

– Account for different multiple time zones to ensure audience interaction despite your viewers’ locations.

– Selecting industry-standard technology for the virtual conference.

– Speaker preparation and coordination.

– Registration and monetization which include a variety of registration options.

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Conference

Area businesses that want to use New Orleans virtual conference services quickly look to the benefits found in this kind of programming and how it can help them achieve more. With the use of virtual platforms you can create a compelling experience for your viewers that can help your brand.

Consumers are looking to interact more with brands they like, and virtual conferences allow this level of interaction.

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New Orleans virtual conference services offer these features and benefits for your business:

– A customizable platform experience that includes key elements of your brand for a more personal viewing experience.

– Integrated engagement fun for your audience, that include live Q&A sessions, surveys & polls, interactive games, and even networking events.

– Real-time collection of audience insights and post-event data delivery including analytics and attendee engagement data.

– Customizable event registration and individual logins to ensure an easy access experience for your viewers.

– Technical support from a dedicated crew of talented virtual event production crew members.

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New Orleans Virtual event Services: A Road Map for Your Success

Our New Orleans virtual event services offer a unique road map for successful creation and production of a virtual conference event. We can assist you from start to finish, designing a compelling experience, from the registration to each keynote speaker and breakout session. 

Whether you are sharing a virtual summit, expo, or convention, you will have an audience that can be fully engaged with what you’re sharing. Plus, the insights we provide can be used in future endeavors.


Team Beverly Boy is ready!

If you’re looking to find out “how much does a virtual conference cost?”, call our team and we can help you put it all together. If you need to host a virtual conference or to keep an audience engaged but don’t know how to, we can help you with it all, from breakout sessions to keynote opportunities throughout New Orleans virtual event.

 Team Beverly Boy offers expertise and skill for your project. Our New Orleans virtual conference services can produce extreme results.

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