Video Marketing and Branding Techniques to Master in 2023

Video Marketing and Branding are critical components to success in today’s incredibly competitive industry. The video marketing techniques that you use to get ahead of the competition are largely going to impact how successful your campaigns are. That’s why we think it’s vitally important for brands to master very specific Video Marketing and Branding techniques that are going to take their business to the top.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we’ve helped many brands to stand out against the competition and look forward to assisting you with your video marketing and advertising goals. To learn more about the Video Marketing and Branding techniques that are going to skyrocket your business to the next level, give us a call!

Social Media Video Marketing & Branding Techniques

With social media use growing substantially over the past decade, it’s no surprise that brands are being encouraged by most marketing professionals to employ a variety of techniques in social media to grow awareness and increase conversions for their businesses. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that successful businesses are actively engaging for their Video Marketing and Branding needs.

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To grow your business on social media in 2023, consider the following Video Marketing and Branding techniques:
Use live video to engage a unique audience.

-Incorporate captions into videos to create stronger audience understanding.

-Experiment with a variety of different video topics.

-Try front-loading your content so that your audience gets answers immediately.

-Incorporate the use of analytics in your social media to track activity across your video content.

Mastering social media and your use of Video Marketing and Branding across your favorite platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn is incredibly important to the success of your business. In fact, even Google has made comments about their algorithm and the impact that social media marketing actually has on the SERPs. Brands that want to succeed on social media, need to be prepared to incorporate a variety of video styles and types into their social media Video Marketing and Branding strategies.

Live Video Marketing & Branding Techniques

Another step that business are using actively in 2023 to grow their brands is the incorporation of live Video Marketing and Branding. In fact, if you’re not already actively utilizing live video to your brand’s advantage, you could potentially be missing out on huge opportunities. Brands spent $90B on video in 2018 alone, but very little of that was on live video. However, more recently, brands have spent significantly larger portions of their budget on live streaming as the technology grows. Today’s live streaming stats show us that a single platform, Twitch, is capable of generating 9.3B hours of live video consumed by a consumer audience.

If you’re not convinced that live video streaming is important to your video marketing and branding, consider the fact that the live streaming market is expected to grow to $247B by 2027. Brands that employ a significant live video streaming strategy are gaining increased consumer traffic, higher conversions, and significantly greater ROI for their business.

To grow your business with live video broadcasting in 2023, consider the following Video Marketing and Branding techniques:

-Be sure to plan ahead.

-Promote your live stream across a wide-array of your social media platforms.

-Make a plan to interact with your audience.

-Be sure that your broadcast always includes a strong and clear call-to-action.

-Make sure that you’re live streaming on the platform that is right for you.

The steps you take now to begin utilizing the live broadcasting technology that is available to your business can dramatically impact your success. Following these Video Marketing and Branding techniques for your brand will help you to achieve your goals.

Marketing and Branding Techniques when Hosting Virtual Events

Another major subject when it comes to mastering various Video Marketing and Branding techniques in 2023 is the rise in virtual events. Whether you’re engaging in virtual events as a result of forced shutdowns or as a result of a pure desire to utilize new technology to your advantage to reach wider audiences, there’s no doubt that businesses that want to excel in 2023 should be engaging in virtual events.

Incorporating greater use of video in your virtual events and making the decision to host more virtual events are certainly techniques that you can employ at your business to grow your brand. Consider the following Video Marketing and Branding techniques when you’re utilizing virtual event broadcasting to grow your business:

-Be clear and specific with your goals.

-Choose the right platform to host your virtual events.

-Incorporate your branding and corporate messaging into the event.

-Promote your event to your audience, and to new audiences.

-Use video to promote your event across social media, in emails, and on your website.

-Use live video during the virtual event to engage your audience in real-time.

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There’s no doubt, these are some of the most important Video Marketing and Branding techniques that should be focused on for businesses that are seeking to grow and excel ahead of the competition in 2023. For more information about getting started with any of the Video Marketing and Branding techniques mentioned here, give Beverly Boy Productions a call.

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