Successful Live Video Production Streaming for Your Business

Think your business has what it takes to go live? Just because you’ve got the camera, hardware, and software does not guarantee that you’re ready! Whenever you’re planning a broadcast or live stream for your business, consider these professional tips for successful live video production streaming. Because when you’ve got a professional like Team Beverly Boy on your side, making your live debut is sure to be a hit!

A Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in helping clients level up their live video production streaming for a powerful, effective broadcast. If you’re ready to take your live streaming to the next level, give us a call! We can’t wait to help you out! 

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Simplify Your Setup

First and foremost, live video production streaming for your business doesn’t have to involve a lot of mixed signals and hard to operate equipment. A simplified setup is sometimes the best solution for an effective stream. All you really need is:

  • Your camera equipment. A multi-camera setup is ideal.
  • Backup equipment just in case anything fails.
  • Appropriate hardware and software.

Don’t overthink it. Sometimes having just the right equipment, without going overboard, is key.

Consider Audio & Lighting Needs

All too often, business owners go live with their iPhone without thinking ahead of time about their audio or lighting needs. If you’re going to go live, you need a microphone and you absolutely should have proper lighting. Viewers want to see your stream and they want to hear what you have to say. Don’t make them struggle!

You can’t go-back or re-do your live stream. You have one chance to get the lighting and audio right ahead of time. Make it count! It’s also important to consider what you’re wearing on camera because things like busy patterns on your clothes could make your live hard to digest.

 Perform a Test Run

You can’t always perform a full live stream rehearsal, but if you can it is very important to do so. Bare minimum, you should perform a test run of equipment setup and the individual needs regarding how you intend to film, where your cameras will be set, and checking equipment to ensure everything is in working order.

Be sure that you:

  • Test your internet connection.
  • Make notes to help you recall key points during the stream.
  • Go over your timeline with your crew.
  • Prepare equipment and check for backups.

Even if you cannot rehearse the entire stream, at least taking the time to check the above will ensure you’re not winging it the entire way through!

Make it a Point to Engage Your Audience

watching interactive video on laptop

One of the key reasons audiences love live streams is for their engagement opportunities. You must make it a point to engage your audience during the course of the live stream. Successful live video production streaming is the result of:

  • Making rules ahead of time for engagement among the audience.
  • Asking the right questions during the stream.
  • Incorporating an agenda into your stream so that your audience knows what to expect.
  • Answering questions as viewers ask and encouraging additional interaction.

The steps you take now to include your audience into your stream will be key to your success.

Carefully Choose a Live Video Streaming Platform

There are free platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live as well as many paid third-party platforms that you can utilize. Carefully choosing the live video production streaming platform that’s right for you is important to the overall success of your stream. As you think about what platform is right for you, consider the following:

  • Platforms that specialize in monetization are sometimes more appropriate than free-platforms.
  • A paid platform will generally provide more control than a free option.
  • If you want to charge your audience to be a part of your live, you will need a paid platform option.
  • If you want full control over who can access your live, and when they can access, you will need to pay for a platform.

Additionally, if you intend to incorporate sponsor ads into your livestream you’re going to need a paid platform rather than access to a free option.

Consistency is Important to Your Audience

If you’re going to go live on a regular basis, consistency is going to be key. Successful live video production streaming for your business is going to be all about providing your audience with a consistent, on-going, and engaging interactive experience. Whether you choose to go-live once a month, once a week, or every day it’s going to be incredibly important to be consistent throughout.

It is best practice to set a schedule and to be as consistent as you can with that scheduling. This way your audience knows what to expect from you and when to look for your lives. Being consistent with your live streaming will help you to build up a stronger overall audience in time.

As you can see, successful live video production streaming is all about your planning and the professional processes that you create in order to establish an effective program. To learn more about producing a live stream for your business, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. 

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