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Live Streaming for Churches

What do you do when members can’t come to your church? Do they just lose out on the opportunity to attend service? Live streaming for churches is one of the many ways that pastors and priests are working to provide church services to those who are interested in attending but cannot be there in person either due to illness, work related travel, social distancing, or various other life events that come into play.

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While live streaming a church service sounds easy enough, there are many logistics that come into play in order to provide members with the best possible view and engagement via live streamed mass. Let’s take a look at what you need to consider before you offer live streaming church service to your members.

Cost of Live Streaming for Churches

The cost of live streaming a church service every Sunday will vary greatly based on a variety of factors relative to your specific situation. For instance, initial costs relative to the startup of the livestream church production will play into your immediate plans but over time those costs will balance out and should be of less importance.

The good news is, it doesn’t cost a whole lot to get started with quality live streaming for your church. While you could just commission a member to use his or her iPhone to record the service and share with those outside the congregation, chances are the quality will be highly lacking and there will be a number of hiccups experienced as you stream to the outside world.

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Likewise, if you’re completely new to the idea of church live streaming, the idea of investing a bunch of money into the idea may be hard to swallow. You don’t know if members will participate, and you’re don’t really know what to expect or what added value this will bring–and that’s understandable.

However, we recommend you consult with a video production crew, such as Beverly Boy Productions, to get some insight into just what it takes to produce a quality live stream production of your church service.

Chances are, working with a professional will have added benefits beyond the fact that they will know more about the equipment and procedures that go into a live stream service production. Just take our word for it!

Benefits of Live Streaming Church Service

Church live streaming has a number of benefits that will directly impact your members. First of all, most members will find the fact that you offer a live streamed church service to be highly beneficial. Why? Because offering live streamed church services allows members to attend even when they could not otherwise be a part of the service.

This includes attendance by sick members, traveling members, and those with young children that may find it easier to stay home than to drag several kids in tow into the pews early on a Sunday morning.

Live streaming church also allows you to reach far beyond the local community. Sermons that are shared on YouTube and Vimeo or other video sharing sites can be viewed by people worldwide.

Expanding your reach may also bring additional members inside your church over time as more are interested in seeing what you have to say in-person after having seen your sermons online.

Live streaming church service can help you to increase donations, reach church goals, and even keep members engaged. Consider a church live stream that allows for member interaction after the stream–sort of like a bible study or Q&A session. Programs like this are an excellent opportunity for churches to invite members to interact and help the church to grown.

Additional Considerations with Live Streaming for Churches

live streaming for church when pews are empty

Although live streaming a church service will require careful planning and execution, the idea is that you will get better at the production as you actively stream services week after week.

While it’s important to choose the right streaming platform, equipment and measures to ensure your live streamed church service is actively engaged with your member community, a few other considerations must also come into play at this time.

Church live streaming should always be mentioned in the service so that those who may not realize that the livestream is available will be educated and aware next time. This way, in the event that they need to take part in service without in-person attendance, they’ll know where to look for the service online.

You’ll also want to make sure that you are taking active steps to market your online, live streamed church service so that members of the community will know that they can come online to check your service out each Sunday or any other day that you live stream worship services.

Share your livestream link via that church website, Facebook page, Twitter and various other social networking groups for maximum reach.

Also, don’t forget to ask members from the live streamed church service to tithe. Make tithing easy for those who are watching via mobile or other devices by accepting things like PayPal, Cashapp, or similar digital payment processors.

Get Started with Live Streaming a Church Service Today

Ready to start live streaming your church services online? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808! Whether you’re looking for a long-term live streaming service for your church to keep members connected year around or you’re just looking for a live streaming production company that can help you stream services while social distancing and COVID-19 are household terms, Beverly Boy Productions is ready to assist you.

We can’t wait to help you start live streaming your Sunday services for your members, and the rest of the world, to see.

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