How Much Does it Cost to Stream an Event in Charlotte

Streaming an event in Charlotte, NC has many powerful benefits for business owners that are interested in engaging and connecting with clients. Representing a trend that grew rapidly in the city following 2020 rules and restrictions that took place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, live event streaming continues to be a popular method of campaign marketing and media distribution among area business owners. While streaming an event has many benefits for business owners interested in connecting with and engaging clients, those that have not already produced a live stream event wonder “how much does it cost to stream an event in Charlotte?”

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we frequently work with clients in Charlotte that are interested in live stream event production. When clients ask us, “how much does it cost to stream an event in Charlotte?” We generally provide them with a ballpark figure between $1,000 and $5,000 which is the average price to stream a single day event in Charlotte however we also remind that it’s important to keep crew size, technology needs, equipment and various other factors in mind as each could result in a significantly higher overall event stream and production cost.

Charlotte Live Stream Costs

Streaming an event in Charlotte will come with various expenses associated with the crew and their experience. Crew costs typically run between $100 and $250 per hour for each camera operator and crew member involved in the production. A larger crew can quickly create a larger overall expense whereas a small crew will reduce the total cost of the production.

Charlotte film crew rates for live stream productions range as follows:


– Director – up to $250 per hour


– Camera Operator – up to $400 per hour


– Equipment – up to $100s per hour


– Narrator – up to $400 per hour


– Switcher – up to $200 per hour


– Streaming platform – $50 to $1,000 (depends on the platform and usage)


– B-Roll – usually a percentage of the total cost between 10 and 50%


– Miscellaneous Fees – very little or could be 1,000s


When you ask, “how much does it cost to stream an event in Charlotte?” we also think about whether your event will require a broadcast engineer or other technical staff in addition to the basic camera crew requirements.

Additional Considerations

Business owners that wish to live stream an event should have a baseline plan for their event, with an understanding of the intended event size, length, and activities that will take place. When clients ask us, “how much does it cost to stream an event in Charlotte?” We may ask them questions about their event to help us learn about what their needs are. We’ll ask about the intended audience size, the total duration of the event stream, and how many speakers or performances are intended during the event. This all helps us to determine the appropriate crew size and other needs.

We initially tell clients that the cost to stream an event in Charlotte is between $1,000 and $5,000 per day for most events. We also let clients know that many factors including crew, technology, and individual event details can contribute to higher (or lower) overall event streaming costs.

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