Gyms Turn to Live Streaming Fitness Classes to Slow COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 is a household term throughout the nation and worldwide at this point and, despite the outbreak, many businesses are still very much in operation. However, gyms and fitness instructors are seeking new ways to turn a profit without putting clients and customers at risk. Thus, many gyms are turning to live streaming fitness classes to slow transmission of the virus and encourage social distancing that has been instructed by the CDC and other leaders. Live streaming fitness classes allow continued business for gyms and fitness gurus in an otherwise slow economic climate.

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Live streamed fitness classes have been around for several years but they are gaining popularity as terms like “social distancing” and “lockdown” emerge in the market. Today, many gyms and boutique fitness studios that have closed for business are seeking live streaming services to keep their programs alive and operating for customers despite the unsure economic times. Let’s take a look at how live streaming fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates, and Aerobics can keep your business afloat while the coronavirus runs its course.

Why Turn to Live Streaming Fitness Classes?

Live streaming and on-demand fitness classes have been a growing trend in recent years. In fact, subscribers to online fitness programs that offer unique access to live fitness classes and the on-demand experience have been growing exponentially since 2016.

However, many gyms focused on the traditional offering of in-person fitness classes that would draw visitors to their establishments — at least until the recent COVID-19 outbreak took hold.

Now, many gyms, even those that have already offered fitness streaming services but didn’t market them much, are turning to highly publicized programs that will keep customers active and involved in their programs despite establishment doors being closed for several weeks (or months).

The CDC has recommended closing shop for most gyms for the next 8 weeks–live streaming fitness classes offers an opportunity to keep revenue coming in, members involved, and trainers active despite the shutdown.

Benefits of Live Streaming Fitness Classes

There are several benefits that come with live streaming fitness classes for patrons. Live workouts allow for more interaction than a previously recorded program can provide allowing the consumer to feel more personally connected to the program than say, if they were watching a past video of a workout that took place.

Additionally, live streamed fitness programs provide a community feature and a sense of immersion in an otherwise secluded environment — something many consumers will likely be seeking over the next several weeks as social distancing becomes more realistic and the need for human interaction more prominent than ever before.

But even if we weren’t under a mitigated effort to slow COVID-19, gyms and fitness instructors that looked toward providing more digital programs that allow for convenient fitness interaction outside the traditional fitness center or gym would see value in offering live streaming fitness classes to their consumers.

Market research shows that 36% of consumers were still working out at home prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Thus, offering group fitness at home represents an opportunity that many providers were missing out on.

Start Offering Live Streaming Fitness Classes Today

Ready to put live streaming fitness classes on your schedule to keep customers actively involved in your gym or fitness program despite shutdowns and COVID-19 scares? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808 today! We’re actively working with fitness instructors and gyms throughout the nation to initiate live streaming services that will keep customers engaged and working out amidst the coronavirus pandemic. We can’t wait to help you produce live streaming fitness classes that will keep your customers fit and healthy during this time.

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