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There are times when it can be challenging to have everyone present at a funeral. Jobs, illness, and more all impact people being able to travel. For times like this, Funeral Live Streaming Services in Spring could be exactly what you need.

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Live streaming technology is now being offered by many funeral homes who know that in these times we need more support than ever before. Despite the distance between you and your family and friends, everybody can attend a live stream service from their phone or laptop when they can’t make it to be at the funeral in person.

Live Streaming Funeral Services Keep Families Connected

It’s not uncommon for family and friends to be in different places around the country or even the world. Fortunately, for more than the past decade we have had technology to help us stay connected with our friends and families. Live stream technology, specifically, has been in use for over 10 years, but has only started being used in funerals in the past few years.

It may feel inappropriate for some but using live stream services at a funeral helps people who aren’t in the same city to be connected for a funeral service to say their goodbyes together. This can be very beneficial for the grieving process and helps loved ones be in touch despite the distance.

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members


You may want to send flowers or send a text of sympathy but what if you could be present at the funeral? Funeral Live Streaming Services in Spring offer a global reach for families and friends who can’t be in the same place at the same time who when say goodbye to a loved one.

Helpful Aspect of Funeral Live Streaming

Live stream funeral services could fill inappropriate, but with 20% of funeral homes offering the service, you can understand how helpful it can be for you and yours. Live stream services can be done over closed networks so only those who you invite are able to attend.

Funeral Live Streaming Services in Spring are helpful in these ways:

  • There are religions that require you to plan a funeral as quickly as possible. If you can’t wait for family and friends to make it in time for the funeral, you can always use live stream services to bring everybody together.
  • When filming a live stream service you can record the footage and save it for any reason you have in mind.
  • For loved ones who are attending remotely there is a chat feature so they can chat with others who are also attending the service online. This can be beneficial for grieving purposes.
  • If your kids are still small you may not want to bring them to the funeral. Live stream services allow you to attend even though you can’t be there in person.
  • Being present out of funeral is necessary for grieving purposes. Even if you can’t be there in person, life stream services allow you to still say your goodbyes.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we can help you during this time by offering the best Funeral Live Streaming Services in Spring. when it is a challenge to get everybody together comedy services are extremely beneficial. Please call us today to discuss your needs!

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