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It can be challenging to be together when you have a funeral to plan. However, there are alternatives. We have reliable Funeral Live Streaming Services in Harlingen that could be exactly what you need. Despite the distance and job issues or illness keeping you apart, you can connect with the help of this technology. 

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Live streaming technology is being offered by many funeral homes, as they know it can be challenging to bring everybody together for a funeral during this time. Fortunately, this tech can make a difference in the way you and your family deal with grief. You can be present at the funeral service on your phone or laptop.

Live Streaming Funeral Services Keep Families Connected

From a new job to travel, there are several reasons why people end up far away from home. No matter the distance, technology has been useful in keeping loved ones together. This is true with live stream technology.

Although live stream technology has commonly been used for things like concerts, there are many benefits found in using it for a funeral. When it’s hard to keep family and friends connected during times of grief, this technology can be a god-send. 

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members


Funeral Live Streaming Services in Harlingen provide a global reach for people who are far from home, so if you have family and friends who can’t make it in person to the funeral this is a great way to make sure that everybody can come together.

Helpful Aspect of Funeral Live Streaming

20% of funeral homes are offering live stream services. Although it may at first seem like an odd thing to do at a funeral, it brings your family and friends to the service despite being worlds apart. A live stream can be done over a private network so that only your friends and family attend the service.

Funeral Live Streaming Services in Harlingen Is beneficial in these ways:

  • For some religions it’s important to plan a funeral quickly. This can be hard when you have friends and family spread across the globe. In this situation, live stream services are helpful.
  • You can save the footage from the service to use for later period whether you need to revisit moments from the funeral for grieving purposes or you want to share it with a friend or loved one, it can be helpful.
  • There is a chat feature on the live stream service that allows loved ones to chat with each other throughout the live stream. When you’re grieving it’s important to find support from our loved ones at the funeral and this can be helpful.
  • When you have small children, you may not be prepared to expose them to grief at a funeral. Live stream services make it possible for you to attend while you keep the kids at home.
  • There are various stages of grief, and one part of the process is attending the funeral of our deceased loved one period even if you can’t make it in person to the service, attending online can still be beneficial for you.

At Beverly Boy Productions, We understand that it’s hard to talk about this topic and that’s why we’re here to provide the support and discreet Funeral Live Streaming Services in Harlingen that you need. We have you covered!

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