5 Live Stream Cooking Tips and Tricks

5 Live Stream Cooking Tips and Tricks

Cooking meals and important recipes on live stream became extremely popular when COVID-19 caused restaurants to close down for safety reasons. As businesses were forced to seek new ways to connect with their customers and continue to engage despite social distancing and other regulations that were put in place, many turned to the internet to engage and entertain the audiences and customers they missed. Live stream cooking classes and shows became extremely popular and continue to draw interested audiences that wish to engage and interact. 

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If you’re thinking about live stream cooking for your audience, Beverly Boy Productions can help you prepare and produce a culinary delight for your audience.

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1. Plan the Purpose & Content of the Live Stream First

Before you go live with a live stream cooking show or segment, make sure that you plan! Planning the purpose of your live stream or the goals of the stream will help you to prepare.

Rather than just go live at a random time, planning your live stream cooking class or cooking segment allows you to focus a bit more and to promote your stream ahead of time so that you’ll have a larger audience when you do go live.

2. Prep Ingredients Ahead of Time

Do all your prep work for the meal ahead of time. This way you’re not wasting time on the live stream while your audience watches you peel potatoes or measure out ingredients.

Think about the cooking shows you’ve watched — they all have their ingredients prepped and pre-measured before the show so that they can just focus on cooking.

3. Test Equipment Before the Live Stream

Testing out your equipment ahead of the live stream cooking show is important.

Things can and likely will go wrong when you’re going live, but if you test your equipment upfront and you have backup equipment or a backup plan, your chance for a successful live stream cooking segment will increase. 

Make sure that you test your internet strength too. If you think your internet could be sluggish or that you could get disconnected, it might be a good idea to get a backup internet source – it would be terrible for your internet to go down in the middle of your live stream!

4. Engage Your Audience

As you’re filming your live streaming cooking segment, think about how you can engage your audience during the show. Ask them questions that relate and encourage them to respond. Share your personal experiences and ask them for theirs. Tell a joke! 

Engaging your audience during the live stream is one of the key reasons people are attracted to live streams. They come because they want to engage with you! Make it worth the visit!

5. Start & Stop the Live Stream On-Time

If you schedule a time for your live stream, it’s important to go-live on time, and to stop the live stream on time. This means that you should be done with the live stream cooking segment within a specific time period that you set ahead of the game.

This also means you’ll need to practice ahead of time and prepare in advance so that you know that you’ll be live for 30 minutes, or 15 minutes, or whatever the predetermined time is. Starting and stopping on time shows your audience that you value their time!

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