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Do you need a Lexington production fixer? Do you know who a fixer is? Have you heard of fixers in the film industry? The only clue we can give is this; if your project requires content to be filmed in Lexington/Kentucky, then you will certainly need a fixer. 

Fixer services deliver resources and efficiency required by production teams to film in an international country. If you are going to shoot in some of the beautiful spots in Lexington, then a Lexington fixer is important for you to have complete production services. A fixer’s role is to ensure that everything is well prepared for the production process to run smoothly. Without a Lexington production fixer, film crews can have a hard time filming in a foreign land. If your client is waiting for a footage that you cannot deliver due to poor planning, then your reputation will be at stake; you don’t want that to happen. Plus, team Beverly Boy is not only going to help you film within Lexington, but also in the neighboring cities like in Lexington-Fayette, Nicholasville, and Georgetown.

What is a Fixer?

So, what is a fixer? Fixers also have the following titles, local producers or production coordinators. They are tasked with the obligation of ensuring that out-of-town crews have what is necessary to start filming in an international location. Fixers have the local knowledge to make your production happen. Their role involves organizing for local transport to the filming location and around the city, booking hotel rooms, and getting the necessary filming location permits. They are an important part of international production teams. When you go to a foreign country for film and TV shoots, it is hard to have a successful project without the help of a video production fixer.

If you want to get fixers, hang out in TV or journalism environments. They love to work in these fields because it provides them with an opportunity of working closely with international teams. You also need to know that fixers are great at organizing interviews. They will make contact with interviewees and schedule when to film.

Apart from interviews, we also cover documentaries, customer testimonials, and employee testimonials in foreign countries. We work with fixers to make the production process a success.

Lexington Field Producer

A Lexington Field Producer, or Lexington production fixers are critical in providing logistical support to international projects. This step is necessary because it deliver an efficient video production process. 

As we stated earlier, camera crews can find themselves in challenging circumstances if they lack a fixer. A client may have an incredible project idea. As a production company, it is not right to tell them that the project might be challenging because of the work that needs to be done to get legal permits and other approvals.

Through experience, we can stand by the fact that Lexington production fixers are the most important players in a Lexington production team. They will help you to get legal approval to film in a foreign state, and this will lead up to a seamless project execution. If you do not use fixers, film crews may end up filming without legal approval and they may even lose their equipment. You have to be well prepared to handle a project. 

Hire a Fixer in Lexington

Need to Hire a Fixer in Lexington? Fixers are important when it comes to filming content in another country. At Beverly Boy, we work with Lexington production fixers to ensure that your project is top-notch.

Don’t be scared to go for filming internationally – the final video can be the main stepping block you need to get to new heights. In this discussion, we intend to let our clients familiarize themselves with the importance of local production services. We would like you to know the inner workings of the production process. Essentially, we are telling you how to approach budgeting. Lexington, Kentucky is a great place to hire a phenomenal Lexington Production Fixer. The weather in Lexington is punctuated by warm and humid summers, with wet and very cold winters. All year round, the temperature of the city varies between 26°F and 85°F. When it comes to places to visit, the first stop should be the famous Kentucky Horse Park. It is the best place to learn about the history of horses in Kentucky.   Aviation Museum of Kentucky is also a great place where you can learn more about the aviation industry. 

With over 18 years of experience, Beverly Boy Productions in Lexington has what it takes to handle any type of video project. If you want to film across borders with the help of fixers, we are the right team to work with. To see how we can help your business, call our line today and let us talk.


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