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Do you want to engage a team that understands how to undertake constructive Winston-Salem law firm video productions? Beverly Boy Productions is the ideal team to help you undertake this mission. Do you practice Family Law, Criminal law, or have a personal injury practice? You can cause more clients to call your office by creating simple and short Attorney promos that detail what your firm is offering. According the, the use of videos on your website’s landing page will grow the click potential of your website. You could decide to create a law firm tv commercial, or a lawyer web video that is uploaded on your website. Whatever the case, it is important to know that clients always conduct research about the law firms before settling down to one that would represent them and their case. Through the adoption of video marketing for lawyers, your small or big firm can gain the interest of potential clients.  

Video Marketing for Lawyers

There are three main stages of your Winston-Salem law firm video production. The first one is the pre-production phase. This is the stage where our team will collect your project requirements. To do that, one of our producers will talk to you right after you reach out to our team. You will supply our team with all the details about your project, from the ideas you have in mind, to the specific wordings that you need us to use. Ideally, this is where you can share with us a script that you think we need to use in the production of your legal marketing video. Our team will ensure that we prepare all the elements required for your video shoot. Once we have all your details, we will also engage you to plan how we are going to approach the process of filming your law firm promotional video. 

Before we kick of the filming process, our film crew will go over your project requirements one more time to cross check that we have the correct picture of your needs. Then, we will head over to the filming location and setup the lighting, green screen, backdrops, and other important tools and features that we shared with you during the interview you had with our producer. The duration of the entire production will depend on what you are looking for. Your film shoot could take hours, or days, in order to carry out a superb Winston-Salem law firm video production. Our team will explain all these aspects at the pre-production stage.   

Winston-Salem Has Amazing Locations to Film

Are you probing for the best location for Winston-Salem Law Firm Video Production? Winston-Salem offers quite a good number of historical sites. One of the iconic places you should check out is the Körner’s Folly. This spectacular wonder was built in 1880 to serve as a gallery of the artist’s design portfolio. The City of Winston-Salem also offers ideal places that you can use as backdrops to your attorney marketing video. One of the best places you can use is the Reynolda Gardens which was built during the country house era of between 1890 and 1940. Most of the property was dedicated to commercial actives and farming. The Historic Bethabara Park which was founded in 1753 was the 1st settlement area that was occupied by Europeans. A Winston-Salem film crew can easily use the vintage setup and the uniqueness of these sites to film off-site interviews. Winston-Salem is well known for its tobacco. The RJ Reynolds was a tobacco company founded in the late 1800’s in the city, but at the moment, it is part of the British American Tobacco company. If you are looking for the perfect location to film customer testimonials for your law firm, the city is packed with more than you can select.  

Lawyer video production services

If you look at the Lawyer video production services, the post-production phase is next in line, right after the filming stage. Once our film crew has completed the filming stage, they will head back to our studio at Beverly Boys Productions where our editors will be waiting for the footage. Our editing team will begin the process of going through each piece of film that was recorded, to pick different bits and pieces, with an effort of crafting the ultimate video that is clear, engaging, powerful, and impacting. By the end of your law firm video production, you will get a masterpiece that describes your intentions. 

After the editing process is complete, we will submit three video drafts for your perusal. You will be reviewing the videos to see if you are satisfied with the direction and the details we have captured. At Beverly Boys Productions, we are designers and masters of successful videos. We will make your Winston-Salem law firm video production flawless and satisfactory to you. 


Law Firm Video Production


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    Our Video Production Work

    Beverly Boy Productions is a top-video productions company that invests heavily in high-quality Winston-Salem law firm video productions for law firms. If you want to convince a potential client to call your office, use videos. Whatever your legal practice, you need to use videos to fish potential clients. In this day and age where internet is evolving and growing, Video Marketing for Lawyers is becoming an essential tool in the marketing of law firms. According to the American Bar Association, there is a growing adoption of video marketing in both large and small firms. So, if you want to stay ahead of the crowd, have a budget for video marketing and work with a professional team to craft your video. For more details on how we can help you with your video marketing content, call us today.



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