Hartford, Connecticut, Law Firm Video Production

If you are searching for topnotch Hartford, Connecticut, law firm video productions, Beverly Boy Productions is just what you need. Whether you are an expert in Criminal law or Family Law, or have a personal injury practice, choosing short Attorney promos that outline your services can work wonders for your online visibility and drive more clients to your practice. We have it on record by that lawyers that have included videos such as law firm TV commercial or a lawyer web video on both landing and profile pages generally improve the click potential for their site. Naturally, clients would want to investigate more about lawyers before hiring them, and what better way for any law firm to stay ahead of the pack and invite more clients than taking up video marketing for lawyers?

Video Marketing for Lawyers

Besides the actual shooting of your Hartford, Connecticut, law firm video production, the pre-production stage is easily one of the most crucial parts of the whole process, as this is where it all comes together. You can contact us and speak to our seasoned producers, give them all pertinent details regarding your vision and the expected role of your legal marketing video. Even as we begin, it is in your best interest to inform us whether you'd love to use our professional voice-over services or prefer your own script for the production. After we have all the particulars you need, we will bring our heads together and scheme to actualize your law firm promotional video in the best way possible.

When the production day arrives, the film crew will link up with you at the ideal site and execute a thorough evaluation of every aspect to ensure all is well. Such details include the lighting, backdrops, and green screens, among other stuff discussed in the past consultative meetings with the producer. Contingent on the sort of content you are after, the film shoot can last from an hour to days so that you get a magical Hartford, Connecticut, law firm video production that will blow your mind. We will make sure that we will cover every phase of the process until we make your vision a reality.

Hartford, Connecticut, a great city to film

In case you are hunting for a Hartford, Connecticut, Law Firm Video Production site, look no further than Hartford. The city is awash with mouth-watering historical sites, including The Mark Twain House & Museum, 'a house with a heart and soul,' which was the residence of Samuel Langhorne Clemens and was constructed in the American High Gothic style. Also, the Ancient Burying Ground, founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker, is a historic cemetery and church located at 60 Gold Street in Hartford, the oldest church congregation in Hartford, and it can be the ideal setting for your attorney marketing video. For the offsite interviews, we can opt for the Historic House Museum and National Historic Landmark in Hartford, Connecticut. When you need spectacular sites to film customer testimonials for your law firm, this city has so much to offer.

The Right Tools

The post-production chapter will kick off immediately; our team concludes the process and wraps up filming. Then, our editors at the Beverly Boys Productions studios will take charge of the final processes by ensuring that they go over every last piece of recording so that the final law firm video production will be a masterpiece that meets all your expectations.

Before parting ways, we will present you with three drafts of the project for your approval of all aspects, including the branding. Beverly Boys Productions has taken it upon themselves to deliver an impeccable Hartford, Connecticut, law firm video production that will attract clients to your services in a significant way while ensuring that you stay top of the game.

Hartford, Connecticut

Law Firm Video Production


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    • Sony FS7 4K XDCAM
    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    Our Video Production Work

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    For over a decade, Beverly Boy Productions has been the talk of the town as far as exceptional Hartford, Connecticut, law firm video productions are concerned. Regarding your legal practice, we know that today's cut-throat world needs businesses that have set their eyes on growth. With over three-thirds of lawyers having a website and a presence on the internet, why should you be left out? But having a website is not enough. It would be best if you embraced superior marketing techniques to provide your clients with better services, and Video Marketing for Lawyers can work wonders for you.



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