Brickell Law Firm Video Production

Videos can influence most people to make a purchase of a product or service. If you want to craft amazing and effective Brickell law firm video productions, reach out to Beverly Boy Productions. Whether you practice Family Law, Criminal law, or have a personal injury practice, you can grow your internet presence by engaging prospective clients with simple and short Attorney promos. One of the great challenges that attorneys face when talking about online marketing is how to sell their expertise through videos. Although placing bar associations, awards, and other credentials on your site can help, videos allow attorneys the opportunity to connect with the audience who are seated in their homes. You can easily invest in a law firm tv commercial, or a lawyer web video that is engaging enough to establish a level of trust between your potential clients and your firm. Video marketing for lawyers is one of the best ways that you can use to engage your audience, even before they reach out to your firm for help. 

Video Marketing for Lawyers

The first stage of your Brickell law firm video production is the pre-production phase. This is where we get to introduce our firm to you directly. Once you reach out to us via phone call, you will engage with one of our producers who will listen and pay close attention to your needs. This is the perfect opportunity of supplying us with all the details of your project, including the reasons of filming your legal marketing video. When in contact with us, you should try to be as specific as possible on the details. For instance, you might prefer a voice-over recording from a professional instead of actors. Once we have gathered all the vital information, our team will work closely with you to plan exactly how we are going to bring your ideas to life through your law firm promotional video. 

Before embarking on the filming process, our film crew will make a recap of the entire plan one more time, to ensure that we have covered everything about your needs. Then, the assigned film crew will meet you at the filming location where they will begin preparing the film set by positioning the lighting, green screen, backdrops, and other gear on the right places. The length of your film shoot varies depending on what you want to shoot, it could take hours or even several days to complete the entire Brickell law firm video production. 

Find Ideal Filming Locations In Brickell 

Interested in finding the perfect film spot for Brickell Law Firm Video Production? Brickell offers ideal historical sites such as the Ancient Spanish Monastery which is considered to be the oldest building across the entire Western Hemisphere. Originally, the structure was built in 1141 in Spain where Cistercian monks stayed in the building for close to 700 years. The city of Brickell also provides great options that your video could use as backdrop to your attorney marketing video. One of the best areas you can use is the Cauley Square Historic Village. In this village, you can check out the Village Chalet Restaurant that is filled with delicate china, lace, and crystal. If you are looking to have an outdoor experience, then you can check out the Deering Estate at Cutler which is an expansive 44 acres of natural preserve. A Brickell film crew can easily use these areas to film off site interviews for your next project.  The city of Brickell has grown to become a Millionaire’s Row in Miami where you can check out lavish mansions along Brickell Avenue. There are lots of gems in this city if you are looking for a fantastic place to film customer testimonials for your law firm.   

Lawyer video production services

The next important step in our Lawyer video production services is the post-production phase. This step immediately starts off once the film crew hands over the footage to the editors at our Beverly Boys Productions studio. At this stage, our creative team will kick of the analysis of all the videos that were captured, by piecing together a compelling story of the type of message you are trying to communicate to your audience. The net result of your law firm video production is a captivating story of your customer testimonial, tour video, tv commercial, or any other video. 

Once we prepare three video drafts, we will present them to you for review. Feel free to recommend any changes or tweaks you would like us to do; your complete satisfaction is what we look forward to achieving. At Beverly Boys Productions, we are masters at conducting a successful Brickell law firm video production, you can always count on us to finish the entire production on time and on budget. 


Law Firm Video Production


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    • Sony FS7 4K XDCAM
    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    Our Video Production Work

    At Beverly Boy, we are uniquely qualified to execute high-quality Brickell law firm video productions for all types of law firms. Whatever your legal practice, you can establish trust between your potential clients and your firm through videos. If your office operates more than one area of practice, you can design various videos with respect to each area. You can create one video that educates your potential clients and another one that answers some of the most frequently asked questions that they would have asked during their consultation. At Beverly Boy, we offer high-quality Video Marketing for Lawyers throughout the entire Southeast area of Florida. Call us today and book your first consultation meeting with us.



      Drop us a line, we'll get back to you ASAP!