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Get To Know Lana McClung, Producer At Beverly Boy Productions

Beverly Boy Producer Lana McClung joined team Beverly Boy fresh out of school following her graduation from the Film Program at Florida State University in 2017. Growing up in South Florida, and attending High School at Spanish River, Lana credits her time in college for preparing her for a life in the video production industry.

Since she began her professional career at Beverly Boy productions she has very quickly risen through the ranks to become an top producer, and an intricate member of the team.

Lana McClung in her own words:


Lana’s Client Relationships

She loves working with different clients on different projects and strives to establish new relationships with clients to see where projects will go. A creative producer with minimal background, Lana works hard to establish relationships with her clients and loves that she’s not always working on the same things while she produces at Beverly Boy Productions.

Lana mentions becoming almost friends with some of her clients. On a daily chat basis and often recalling simple everyday conversations between her clients and herself, Lana isn’t all about work! She loves to travel and fo fun things when she’s not working for Beverly Boy Productions. This ties into her life philosophy which is, “work hard. Play hard.”

Favorite Thing About Producing with Beverly Boy

Lana McClung on the set

At work, she credits that life and business relate with one another and that she loves to show up because working hard allows her to play equally hard as well. She goes on to mention that she treats every client with the same level of respect, understanding, and care because “You really never know what it might lead to.” In past clients’ relationships, Lana recalls that her current biggest client is someone that she wondered if she would work with past the first project years ago. They now work together almost weekly and she’s realized that even the smallest job can turn into a big project.

Lana’s Hobbies & Interests Outside of Work

Lana McClung loves to travel and visit new places. She’s also a foodie that enjoys trying and learning about new foods. “If eating could be a hobby, that would be one of mine.” She credits food and travel for also teaching a lot about cultures and experience. She’s spent time in Japan and would like to return to further experience the ancient history that is found throughout the country and the contrast between the old and new. She is also deeply interested in Thailand and would love to visit someday.

Lana’s Background

A creative individual that always sort of expected to do something creative as an adult, Lana didn’t quite know what she wanted to do in High School but was excited to hear about the program at Florida State and upon her involvement in the schooling quickly realized that the creativity was exactly what she wanted to do. She has since, “fallen in love with the paperwork and the process that it takes to bring projects together and make them happen.” Lana McClung loves watching all the pieces come together and seeing happy clients in this very rewarding career as a Producer at Beverly Boy Productions.

Lana McClung on set


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