Questions to Ask When Working with a Charlotte Interview Video Production Company

The production of corporate style interview videos that are used either to share the details of a company CEO or upper management, employees, customers, or case study experiences is something many business owners now understand to be an important aspect of their digital marketing and advertising needs. As a Charlotte business professional, if you’re thinking about hiring a Charlotte interview video production company to assist you with the creation of customer testimonials, case studies, or corporate interview videos, there are some important questions that you need to ask ahead of time.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we understand the importance of hiring the right professional for your project, and we encourage prospective clients to ask important questions when they’re screening film crews to assist in the production of corporate interview videos. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of questions that you should ask when working with a professional interview video production company to ensure you’re hiring the right team for the job. 

Before you get started with your corporate interviews, make sure that you’re taking your time to screen the industry professionals on your list by asking these important questions of the Charlotte interview video production company that you’re thinking of hiring.

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  1. What is Your Past Experience in Interview Video Production?

Of course you need to know not only that the company you consider working with has experience in the production of interview videos, but also that they are passionate about it. You want to bring on a team that’s going to use their passion for producing corporate interview videos to make your team or business shine. Corporate interview videos are part of your marketing mix that will help your audience to make important decisions about whether or not to work with your business or brand, so before you decide whether or not to work with the production company that you’re screening for the project, make sure that they have as much passion for video production as you do for your business.

  1. Do You Have an “Average Budget Level”? 

Ask any video production company in Charlotte, or anywhere in the world for that matter, how much it costs to produce a corporate interview video and you’ll either get a wide range of pricing, or a ton of questioning about the details which are necessary in order to define pricing. Budgeting for a corporate interview video isn’t easy, especially not without details and not without information about the production company that will be creating the video. You might get a range of budgets from $500 per minute to $15,000 per minute, although a price so high is not customary for this form of content.

The point is, budgets vary, pricing varies, and project needs vary. Asking the Charlotte interview video production company that you’re considering for your specific project what their “average budget level is” will help you determine whether or not they might work within a price range that is acceptable to you. If they say most projects are about $50,000 and you were expecting $5,000 then you’re going to know it’s not the right choice for you.

  1. Who Will Work On Our Project, & Can We Meet Them?

You might initially think that a question like this should be saved for later on, once you are further along in the screening process, but it’s never too early to ask for details about the team. Each Charlotte interview video production company is likely to have a team that is made up of producers, directors, camera operators, gaffers, and other professionals. While they may not be able to specify exactly who will be working on your project ahead of time or very early on in the screening process, they most certainly should have the following details for you:

  • Who their CEO and top members of the team are?
  • What their credentials are.
  • What their experience is.
  • How large or small their team is.
  • What kind of projects they specialize in.

As for wondering when you can meet, a great team is going to offer to communicate soon rather than later – just keep that in mind.

  1. What is the Production & Post-Production Workflow Like?

Why do you need to know about the production or post-production workflow? Because this is going to dictate how you work alongside the Charlotte interview video production company to get your project done. If their workflow involves a team that will expect your one-on-one attention the entire time, and you’re the type that expects to provide a project brief and be on your way to other things without much say in between up until the initial video drafts are ready to review, this may not workout. Likewise, if you’re the type that expects a lot of hands on interaction with the production company on your project, and they’re the type that expects you to have a hands-off approach, again it may not be ideal. 

Look for a production company that’s going to have the right mix of interaction with you and your team without being overly needy or dependent on you, too.

  1. Can You Share a Recent Interview Project that You are Proud Of?

This is what it all comes down to, can they share a project that they are proud of, and are you going to be proud of it when you see it? Ultimately, when it comes to hiring a Charlotte interview video production company, you want to know that you hire a team that is going to share in the same kind of creative ideas that you have and that you will love the work that they do. If they can’t share an interview project that they’ve recently done, or they aren’t proud of their work, how can you be?

At Beverly Boy Productions, our Charlotte interview video production company works with brand owners on a regular basis to produce interview videos that we’re proud of and that our clients are proud of too. To learn more, give us a call. 

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