Planning Interview Questions for a Product Video or Demo

Producing content for your business can have plenty of ups and downs along the way. If you’re careful, and you plan accordingly, you can produce some pretty valuable content for your brand, but preparing the Interview Questions for a Product Video or demo can take some time and commitment to research on your part.

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Unlike testimonial interviews or case studies, the Interview Questions for a Product Video are going to require a bit more in-depth understanding of the product itself and the intended purpose of the product demonstration.

Start by Not Focusing on the Product

As a product creator, or the owner of the business responsible for product production, your instinct is going to be to ask or plan Interview Questions for a Product Video that focuses on… the product. However, if you focus on the product, and the demonstration is all about what the product can do, how the product works, and what the product features are, it’s going to fail.

Sure, you’re going to come across with a product demo video that shares all of the important features and details of the product, but it’s not going to speak to your target audience and it’s certainly not going to drive conversions or sales. In fact, the worst thing you can do when producing a product demo video is to focus on your product.

What Should we Focus On?

You’re probably wondering, if I shouldn’t focus on the product, than what? The answer is – your customer! The best thing you can do when planning Interview Questions for a Product Video is to focus on your customer or client.

Instead of saying, “here’s what the product can do, and here’s the features of the product, and these are the benefits of the product,” you should be saying, “this is how the product can help you, these are the benefits that you will experience if you use the product, and here is how you can get the most out of your use of the product.”

Knowing Your Audience NOT Your Product

The Interview Questions for a Product Video are all about knowing your audience, not your product. Knowing your product is not going to result in an amazing product demo video! But knowing your target audience will!

Planning your Interview Questions for a Product Video will, therefore, include things like:

Asking customers what they find most valuable about your product.

Asking customers what they use the product for most.

Asking customers what benefits the product provides to them.

Asking customers if they would make any changes to your product, and if so – what those changes would be and why?

You need to be thinking about:

Who your customer is.

What your customer needs out of your product.

How your customer can use your product to achieve their goals or overcome a challenge.

What your customer needs in order to achieve a better result with your product.

Asking yourself these types of questions, and thinking very carefully about how you deliver the answers to these questions through your product demo video is going to be what makes a great product demo – not sharing the product, but sharing the value of the product and how it changes the lives of your audience.

Planning Interview Questions for a Product Video

How can you plan the questions that you will ask for your product video? Considering all of the information provided above, now think about how you can get your customers or prospective customers to provide you with details about their lives that will help you to plan your product demo around them and their needs. Remember, you’re not going to talk about your product, you’re going to talk about how your product helps the client achieve his or her goals, overcome life’s challenges, or otherwise feel better and more in control.

The questions that you’re going to ask are those that are going to help you show your audience that they can use your product to benefit their lives and it’s the best choice (the only good choice) in front of them. In preparing the questions for your audience, it’s important to use the same energy and excitement in explaining key features that your product has which are going to help your audience feel connected to the demo and excited to be a part of it.

The Power of “WHY”

All of these details are important, but there’s one more consideration to make when planning Interview Questions for a Product Video and that’s the “why” questions that you can ask to gain valuable insight about your products from prospective customers. If you have the advantage of sharing your product with prospective customers, and they say that it’s too expensive, missing features, doesn’t appeal to them, or otherwise seems like it’s not exactly what they would purchase themselves, you have the opportunity to ask, “why” questions that can help you to seal the deal with future prospects in your video demo.

If a prospect responds negatively to your questioning, consider asking them, “Why” they feel the way they do. For example, if the customer states that the product is too expensive, you can say, “if you don’t mind me asking, why do you feel that the product is not worth the total cost, or why is it that you feel the pricing is too high?” Asking “Why” is incredibly important for negative responses because it’s going to give you valuable insight into whether your prospect simply isn’t happy with your product, or if there is something that you can do to improve your customer’s outlook on your product in order to seal the deal.

At Beverly Boy Productions, planning Interview Questions for a Product Video testimonial is a task that we actively engage in with clients on a regular basis. To learn more about the process, and the next steps, give us a call!

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