Choosing a Marketing Video Interview Style that’s Right for Your Brand

Ask any marketing team what the most influential Marketing Video Interview Style is and you’ll almost certainly get different answers across the team. Ask more than one team, and you’re likely to get varied answers across the group. It’s not that any one marketer or marketing team is right or wrong, it’s just that there are several options to choose from and no single Marketing Video Interview Style is necessarily “the best” or “better” than the next all of the time.

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In other words, coming up with a Marketing Video Interview Style that’s going to complement the goals and positively impact the successes of your brand can be particularly challenging.  At Beverly Boy Productions, we find the use of several different Marketing Video Interview Styles to be powerfully effective. These are some of the Marketing Video Interview Styles that are most commonly used by our team and by our clients to grow interest, and build audience recognition for their brands.

  1. Expert Interviews

Capturing expert interviews is one of the most common Marketing Video Interview Styles, and typically involves interviewing a niche specific expert that can share data, details and expertise that applies to the brand or the subjects most relevant to the brand.

Expert interviews are great for building up brand awareness, boosting credibility, and building an audience of followers. This Marketing Video Interview Style is going to get people hyped up and ready to follow your brand.

  1. Case Study Interviews

Case study interview videos are another form of Marketing Video Interview Style in which there is either expert testimony or customer testimony for the purpose of building a case around a specific topic of interest or subject.

Case study interviews are conducted with the topic of interest in mind and the understanding that the interviews will be compiled with other data, detail, and visuals to provide an in-depth research study on the topic.

  1. Customer or Client Interviews


Customer and client interview videos are used for a variety of purposes, most notably for testimonials that represent the business or brand.  The decision to produce a Marketing Video Interview Style that focuses solely on questioning the customer or client about his or her success with the brand and satisfaction can have several key benefits including:

Improved customer engagement.

Increased conversion rates.

Stronger overall customer satisfaction.

Improved social proof and reach.

  1. Public Interviews

The public interview is used by brands for a number of marketing or advertising purposes. This Marketing Video Interview Style represents a brand’s interaction with people on the street or otherwise in public. Although public interviews are not featured by all brands, some find them to be a great opportunity to build awareness and boost audience targeting. 

Brands that operate in robust areas of the city, where public interaction can easily take place, will often conduct these types of interviews in order to grow their video content library and continue the snowball effect of interviewing people for marketing purposes.

  1. Event Attendee Interviews

Whether you’re the one hosting the event, or your brand is an event attendee or speaker at the event, a common Marketing Video Interview Style that brands often utilize to show their engagement within a niche and to boost credibility is the event attendee interview. In these types of videos, the brand will interview people who attend an event that is niche specific and which the brand is also in attendance at or is otherwise sponsoring.

The event attendee interviews generally include a talk about the key points of interest or subjects that the brand was presenting on and may include asking viewers for their takeaways on the event while in line.

At Beverly Boy Productions we work with brands to produce these and many other styles of marketing video interviews. For help deciding on the most effective Marketing Video Interview Style for your business, or to learn more about marketing videos for your brand, give us a call!

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