Video Production for the Shared Office Spaces Industry

Flexibility, a rise in the number of self-employed or contract workers, and a desire to move away from the traditional office are all factors that have contributed to growth of the shared office space industry for firms like We Work and other major businesses in the market, but growth has been somewhat slow due to shifts away from working in the office as more people choose to work from home. These businesses cater to a variety of workers including small business owners, medium sized business owners, and independent contractors that are interested in the facilities & design of office space but don’t necessarily need a dedicated space for their operations. Video production for the shared office spaces industry introduces the idea of & benefits of shared office spaces for weekly, monthly or annual rental to workers that could potentially benefit from this type of working environment. 

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Shared office spaces that choose to use video promotions and video advertising to grow audience investment into their business appreciate the value behind using video to aggressively boost audience reach, increase organic rankings for their websites & social feeds, and consistently generate leads, revenue and increased ROI for their brands.

Beverly Boy Productions works closely with members of the shared office space & co-working space industry to create expert video content that helps a wide audience to understand the variable benefits, features, and potential experiences that workers can engage in when they choose shared office space or a co-working office for themselves or members of their team. Ask us about the ways we can utilize our video production techniques to help you get the word out about your best-of-both-worlds office space that introduces workers to a mix of collaboration, meeting space, and so much more. 

Promotional Videos for the Shared Office Spaces Industry

The decision to post promotional videos that represent your co-working space on social media platforms like Facebook or the “Gram ” could result in up to 1200% more social shares than your text based or image based posts.  In fact, promo videos are ideally suited for posting to social media, inside YouTube videos as paid advertisements, to third-party websites, and inside your email marketing campaigns where they can boost click through rates by up to 300%. 


Promo videos are short, engaging advertising messages that represent your shared office spaces in ways that will encourage or influence your target market to take action. They may discuss current or upcoming events, shared space opportunities, the vision or mission of your business & brand, or a variety of other topics & concepts along the way, but the goal with a promo is always some kind of conversion. That’s why these videos almost always tell the viewer exactly what we want them to do; it’s a call to action, and it works really well to generate leads, calls, sales, or space rentals. 

Marketing Videos for the Shared Office Spaces Industry

Marketing video production for the shared office spaces industry focuses on sharing key details about the various solutions, features, benefits and underlying uses of co-working spaces. Unlike promotional videos which typically provide a conversion focused piece of content that seeks to serve a set audience with key insights into an upcoming event, sale, or similar desired conversion point for the business, marketing videos can reach consumers at every stage of the purchase cycle from awareness to post-purchase satisfaction and repeat customer relationship building.

Marketing videos can increase leads, sales, & brand specific ROI that is essential to reaching targeting growth goals. As a co-working space business, you should be using marketing videos across your social media platforms, your website and landing pages, and in your email campaigns. 

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Training Videos for the Shared Office Spaces Industry

The co-working industry is growing at a rate of about 3% per year to reach a total market size of more than $25 billion as of 2022 and continued growth is expected into the 2030s. One of the most important aspects of continued growth for the shared office spaces industry is training new employees that are part of the marketing, sales, and service teams involved in these businesses to ensure appropriate representation of the business, proper customer service, and fulfillment of the role, but training takes time!

Training video production for the shared office spaces industry can curb many of the challenges and time constraints that co-working space business owners struggle with as they grow & hire new team members. In fact, training videos can:

  • Be used to provide online resources to potential clients that could benefit from the shared workspace.
  • Improve internal operations within the shared workspace by providing proper training on equipment, tools, or how to get the most out of shared office features & benefits.
  • Offer more depth & complex training to employees & to those utilizing shared office spaces without making training more time consuming or complicated.
  • Save training time, and expenses, by providing a one-and-done opportunity to create video-based training that solves many training challenges again-and-again with just one upfront fee.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to train 10 people, 100 people, or 10K people; video based training programs will save time, and money, while improving the training outcomes generated within your team. 

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Interview Videos for the Shared Office Spaces Industry

Clients are going to trust their shared office space needs with you and your business, therefore you’re going to need to build up a level of trust and tenure with them so that they feel comfortable committing their business services to the space that you provide. Expert interview video production for the shared office spaces industry can help you to create audience trust & confidence in your business, improving the likelihood of them engaging with and signing up for rental space inside your unit, building, or location. 

Ask Team Beverly Boy about the many different ways that you can engage your audience, introduce your team, and build trust for the services, features & benefits offered by your co-working space business in order to boost sales. Our expert video production for the shared office spaces industry is your key to successfully growing your business or brand!

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