Video Production for Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are likely to experience consistent growth over the next several years as a result of several factors including a growing retirement age population, increased wealth among seniors as well as per capita income, and expanded funding for Medicare and Medicaid. As such, many of the 53,757 retirement communities in this $76 billion dollar industry are going to experience continued increases in community occupancy & growth. Those seeking additional ways to diversify their marketing & create stronger audience awareness will largely turn to Video Production for Retirement Communities specifically.

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The use of video for marketing, promotions, and expert advertising has very strong benefits for retirement communities particularly when it comes to driving up occupancy rates. Many retirement communities will utilize video to introduce members of the immediate community to senior living and the various features and benefits of the retirement community as well as to create branded messaging that will resonate with the target market. Others might turn to video as a training tool.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we offer expert videography services for retirement communities that are interested in growing their very unique business and improving occupancy levels, growth, and overall community recognition of their brand. Ask about our video production for retirement communities if you’re interested in achieving higher senior response to your business, boosting your occupancy, and sharing the many benefits of retirement living with the world.

Promotional Videos for Retirement Communities

Promotional videos have many key benefits for retirement communities that are interested in expanding their occupancy rates and exceeding competitive growth by introducing their business to a massive online audience that includes more than 85% of the U.S. that currently turns to the internet to engage with video content. Consider promotional Video Production for Retirement Communities if you want to achieve:

• Higher response rates to your campaigns.
• Stronger audience engagement rates.
• Increased organic traffic to your website, landing pages, or social media campaigns.
• Create trust among your target audience and their immediate family and friends.
• Mobile reach across search engines, social media, and a variety of associated campaigns.
• Increased transparency between your target market and your brand which will lead to increased overall trust necessary for conversions.


Studies have proven that 64% of consumers will make a purchase after they watch videos on social media representing the brand, just think of what this could mean for your retirement community?

Marketing Videos for Retirement Communities

Video has very distinct benefits as a senior-living and retirement community marketing tool. Establishing and increasing senior care leads through professional marketing video production for retirement communities is certainly a task that cannot afford to be overlooked. There are many opportunities to increase your leads, generate stronger community interest, and to ultimately get more seniors into your retirement community with video. Consider the following types of marketing videos that are great topics for retirement communities to grow their audience, pique interest, and generate trust within the brand:

• Resident spotlight videos.
• Employee spotlight videos.
• Welcome videos that showcase the community & its features.
• Videos that show off care options and answers to complex questions.
• Question and answer videos representing key concepts relative to the industry.
• Virtual tour videos.

Marketing videos can have several important benefits for retirement communities including increased awareness, community support, and improvements in lead conversion resulting in increased revenue for the community owner.

Training Videos for Retirement Communities

Training videos are essential to retirement communities that are struggling with newly hired employee assistance as they can dramatically reduce onboarding resources saving money and time. Training videos have the following benefits for retirement communities:

• Accessibility for new employees.
• Always available and can be engaged with anytime, anywhere.
• Easy sharing between employees.
• Improved employee engagement & knowledge retention.

Saving money and time as a retirement community is important, and video-based training programs that specify the important concepts and key details that your team needs to know can help!

Interview Videos for Retirement Communities

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Producing interview videos that represent the residents, staff, and expert members behind your retirement community and the services or support options that you provide can have many key advantages. Not only will interview videos humanize the business and help seniors to make distinct emotional connections between your retirement community and the unique services & support that you provide, they can also:

• Increase trust among seniors & their loved ones.
• Improve senior understanding of complex topics of interest.
• Boost the number of leads, phone calls, and admission inquiries that come in through your website or social media campaigns.
• Increase demand for retirement community growth.
• Create strong social media connections that drive baby boomer interest in your community.

Ask Team Beverly Boy about our expert services in video production for retirement communities and other services to help you grow your brand!

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