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Physical therapists represent a specialty group of health practitioners that provide mostly outpatient rehabilitative services for musculoskeletal injuries or conditions in which the musculoskeletal system required therapeutic treatment or care. These providers work with patients that are injured, disabled, or otherwise requiring rehabilitative care for nerve, muscle, joint or bone injuries, disease, or diagnosis. A $46 billion dollar market that has been positively impacted by increased access to private health coverage, Video Production for Physical Therapists focuses on further revenue growth for these providers and includes the creation of marketing & promotional style videos, expert interviews, and training video production to build & grow therapy teams.

Although COVID-19 would cause a distinct 8.3% decline in revenue over 2020, expectations are that revenue will accelerate rapidly in the next few years as the elderly population continues to grow, healthcare reforms continue to make change toward easier access to treatment, and surgical outpatient clinics will further contribute to patient increase for physical therapy providers. It is likely and expected that this industry of more than 149K businesses will continue to grow and employ more than the current 545,386 experts in physical therapy over the next few years.

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Promotional Videos for Physical Therapists

Promotional videos for physical therapists can include many different approaches to sharing events, upcoming activities, important features, or special services provided by a practitioner. Short, engaging promo videos offer 1-2 minutes of expert crafted video content that will engage the viewer, and increase their likelihood of calling to make an appointment for physical therapy within your practice.


Use video promotions to:

Increase lead generation.
Generate higher ROI on your ads.
Boost conversions.
Bring more patients into your practice.
Grow your patient-base, repeat patient-figures, and team.

Promotional videos that tell the story of your physical therapy practice are integral to building up audience confidence in your practice and boosting overall commitment to the services that you provide.

Marketing Videos for Physical Therapists

Marketing Video Production for Physical Therapists can have several key benefits over other forms of media marketing such as static images or written content. Video marketing will contribute to higher conversion rates and increased patient leads resulting in as many as 66% more patients each year. In fact, marketing videos also:

Increase organic search in Google & other search engines.
Increase click-through rates in email and organic campaigns.
Generate more patient leads.
Increase repeat patient visits.
Boost social media reach.

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The introduction of marketing videos to your website, landing pages, email campaigns, and social media platform will humanize your physical therapy brand so that your prospective patients, their loved ones, and others who may have interest in your practice are more comfortable with the services you offer and more likely to engage with you as a provider.

Training Videos for Physical Therapists

Training Video Production for Physical Therapists is as important as the production of marketing videos, especially if you’re trying to grow your team. Resources can be slim when it comes to training new physical therapists and assistants on staff, especially if your practice is short-staffed already. Training videos:

Reduce the time it takes to train new therapists.
Improve the knowledge retention your therapists gain as a result of your training.
Improve therapist productivity.
Make training interactive and fun.
Allow training to be participated in anytime, anywhere.

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You can also use training videos for your patients to teach and train on proper form for exercises and the various rehabilitative care that you provide. In fact, many physical therapists produce training videos for their patients to further reduce patient calls with questions or concerns, to improve patient treatment outcomes, and to provide patients with access to always available expert knowledge on a variety of topics.

Interview Videos for Physical Therapists

Interview videos, including expert interviews with your head therapists or team members within your practice as well as niche or industry specific interviews with those who have expert knowledge on physical therapy, musculoskeletal conditions, pain management, or a variety of other topics are important to your marketing and advertising campaigns and to building up patient confidence in your physical therapy practice.

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Sharing expert interview videos on social media will increase your reach by up to 1200% or more, while posting them in your email outreach or campaigns can increase click-throughs, engagement, and conversions driving revenue for your practice. Ask Team Beverly Boy about expert interview Video Production for Physical Therapists, or the many other styles of video production that we offer to help you grow your patient base, improve patient outcomes, and increase satisfaction for your practice.

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