Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Miami, Florida

The hotels & motels in the hospitality industry are growing at a tremendous rate in modern times. The smart hotel brands are now employing over 1.3 million people, making it an industry worth more than $133 billion dollars. Despite the time of the year or whatever hardship the hotel industry faces, its main aim has been to maximize revenue gains. Accepting and implementing Video marketing to promote their services & accommodations has led the industry to greater heights. Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Miami, Florida does not just maximize the hotel revenue by advertising its services. The video production strategy also makes available training videos that can be quite useful in training programs.

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There has been previous speculation that Video would occupy about 74% of total internet traffic. The prediction has come to pass as it continues to grow surpassing 82% recently and research findings show that the average consumer watching about 100. The recent rise in internet users makes the internet the perfect ready market to sell your product and services.

Are you in Miami, Florida and are very interested in video production for the hotels & motels industry? Reach professional assistants at Beverly Boy Productions. We deal with the production of marketing media such as promotional videos, training videos, and customer feedback videos. Beverly Boy Productions Company can produce videos for travel and hospitality industry brands which you can then share on your website of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. We have worked with many esteemed hotel brands in the hotels & motels industry and assure you of great deals with excellent results.

Promotional Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Miami, Florida with the aim of marketing hotel brands is the new trick of making money in the hotel industry. Hotel establishment owners have begun to put faith in promotional videos for hotels & motels. Would you not want to be part of a growing industry by using promotional videos for your hotel or motel? The process doesn’t need much; short promotional videos contain information about what you are offering and when and where your brand can be accessed. Promo video is between 30 and 60-seconds long and will do just fine. However, we can also do longer videos for clients with much more included in it. 


The rewards your brand will experience after hiring our services in Video production for the hotels & motels are as follows:

  • Information about your brand will be easily accessible on the internet
  • The promotional videos will be exciting and attractive to capture the interest of most internet users.
  • Video promos are catchy and not easily forgotten.
  • Your brand will be able to reach so many online users on all social platforms at once.
  • More promotional videos create close relations between clients and a hotel brand.
  • Through video promos, your brand may be lucky enough to capture the eye of new investors who see potential in what you are offering.

Marketing Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

  • Increasing bookings don’t usually come easy in the hotels & motels industry. One must put in hard work and determination. Proper marketing will work towards improving your bookings, which is why we are encouraging the use of marketing videos. Apart from increasing your bookings, professionally done marketing videos will bring about these advantages for the hotels & motels industry.
  • Marketing videos will create awareness about your brand.
  • The SERPs rank of your brand will always be high.
  • Your client rate and income will increase
  • With proper marketing videos, clients gain trust in your brand
  • Marketing videos create an excellent reputation for your brand.
  • Due to the increased number of clients and income, you will be able to improve your brand and make it more accommodating for your clients.

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Each hotel or resort that has opted for Marketing Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Miami, Florida enjoys the above benefits and more.

A hotel or motel is only as good as the great amenities and activities and even events a hospitality brand is offering. Marketing videos of your hospitality establishment is one technique among many to keep your hotel guests stay memorable. This means that apart from using marketing video production for hotels and motels, to give exposure to your establishment. You should also be ready to give other tricks a chance to fulfill your goals better.

Excellent services offered to your guest during their stay will give them something good to say about your establishment. In fact, they will still come back again with even new clients. Word of mouth marketing from your guests is not a marketing strategy you want to joke with. Let your guests have something good to say about your brand; the more positive comment you get, the more you win the confidence and trust of other potential clients and investors.

Use their word of mouth as a method of how to market your hospitality business great. Relying too much on a professional video production company with experience in the marketing industry to take your brand to the next level without offering excellent services will not guarantee better results.

Training Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Production of training videos is also one of our specialties. As a video production company, we realize that training for hospitality brands drains them more than they can handle. Therefore, we also put together training videos for the hotel industry to use during a training program. The training videos include workers’ duties and responsibilities, handling situations like a fire hazard, and other related information. Therefore, when searching for promotional videos of your brands, you can also request training videos for the hotels and motels industry.

Arranging for a training program for prospective hospitality workers can be quite a handful.

However, with professional video production for hotels & motels, all your employees will be trained, including the following:

  • Concierge ( Host/ Front Desk/ Guest Relations/ and Reservations Agent)
  • Event Planner (Wedding Coordinator/ Meeting Planner/ Convention Planner)
  • Executive Chef ( Catering Manager/ Food and Beverage Manager/ Restaurant Manager)

Some Prospective hospitality employees might lose out on other training programs. This is not the case with training videos for hotels and motels.

Especially those that might not have very close contact with clients like:

  • Hotel General Manager (Back Office Assistant/ Director of Hotel Sales/ Shift Manager)
  • Housekeeper (Director of Housekeeping/ Director of Maintenance/ Executive Housekeeper)
  • Porter (Bell Attendant/ Parking Lot Attendant/ Bellhop and Bellman)

Other employees usually forgotten during a training program are those at restaurants, bars, casinos, and other food establishments.

With Training videos in the hospitality industry, all the prospective hospitality workers will be trained, without exception of:

  • Banquet Server
  • Barista
  • Bartenders
  • Café Manager
  • Food Runner/ Server
  • Head Waiter
  • Host/ Hostess

Interview Videos for the Hotels & Motels

Beverly Boy Productions Company is the most trusted in Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Miami, Florida.

Our professional services include Interview videos for hotels & motels and videos on Customer interviews and expert interviews. All the mentioned videos are notorious for driving conversions to your brand’s website. Expert interviews are conducted to assure your clients that they are in good professional hands when they visit your establishment. Customer interview videos only share previous clients’ experiences staying in your hotel or motel.


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Beverly Boy Productions Company also produces interview videos for hotels and motels to help them look for appropriate hospitality workers. Interview videos are a faster and easier way to conduct interviews than traditional ones. Hospitality establishments find video interview methods the most convenient way to look for future hospitality workers. The technique is also suitable for the interviewees since it gives them time to go through their questions, analyze, understand and provide the appropriate answer.

In case you need promotional, training, or interview Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Miami, Florida. We at Beverly Boy Productions will ensure that your smart hotel brand gets the benefits it is looking for. Contact us today for more detailed communication.

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