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Ever wondered what could be the secret behind the flourishing hotels & motels and the hospitality industry? There is no season of the year that the Smart hotel brands relax on working towards handling the challenges that plague their industry. The main aim of these brands has been to maximize revenue gains by offering excellent accommodation experiences to their clients. To create an industry worth more than $133 billion dollars and one that is capable of employing over 1.3 million people a lot of commitment and hard work is required. Among the remedies that have contributed to the growth of hotels and motels industries is the advertisement strategy. 

The new and most reliable marketing trend for the hospitality industry is the use of Video marketing to promote their services & accommodations. Most brands have gained exposure thanks to Video Production for  Hotels & Motels in Louisville, Kentucky. Videos can also be used by the brands to conduct training programs for their employees.

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A few years ago, it was predicted that Video would occupy about 74% of total internet traffic. It continues to grow surpassing 82% recently. A research was conducted that shows an average consumer watching about 100 minutes in 24 hours. The research proves that the internet is now among the largest and most trusted markets you can advertise and grow your brand. This is the main reason why hotel brands are striving towards using video production to advertise their services and accommodation. It is marketing strategy that should not be taken for granted.

Are you interested in video production? Beverly Boy Productions is available to give you excellent services. Beverly Boy Productions produce videos for travel and hospitality industry brands. We specialize in video production for the hotels & motels industry and therefore it is correct to say most of our clients come to us for promotional videos to boost their businesses in the hotels & motels industry.

The videos are usually shared with the target market through a company’s website of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Apart from offering exceptional services in production of marketing media, Beverly Boy Productions will also produce training videos for your employees, consumer feedbacks and professionals interviews to attract more clients and to gain the trust of both your clients and potential investors.

Promotional Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Louisville, Kentucky has given platform to so many hotel brands to tell their stories. With few short promotional videos, most brands have had a chance to gain favor trust and attract new customers. Promo video is between 30 and 60-seconds long, that way the video will not be too long to bore the person watching it on the internet; however there are times that promotional videos for hotels & motels can take longer, especially if the advertisement is offering a brand’s service that most of its competitors are not.


Video production for the hotels & motels will definitely work for your brand. Below are some of the reasons why your brand is going to gain by embracing promotional videos for your hotel or motel.

• The world will know your brand.

• Through video production, the relationship between your brand and your clients will be continuously renewed and strengthen.

• Everyone always seems to remember more of what they have watched than what they hear, therefore your brand will always be easily remembered by those who come across its videos in the internet.

• Great advertisement videos attract potential clients and investors.

• Frequent production of advertisement videos will keep your clients on the loop on what is happening, the current offers and the upcoming events.

Marketing Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

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You will be surprised at how much marketing videos have contributed to the establishment, growth and exposure of so many hotels & motels. Your hotel or resort will always enjoy increasing bookings even during off-season. Who wouldn’t want to experience excellent services that are being advertised about your brand on the internet? Don’t miss out on a lot more by ignoring the impact that marketing videos have brought to the hotels & motels industry. The video marketing strategy ensures your organization experience the following.

• It becomes clear on what your brand is offering the public.

• Clients are able to comment and express their opinion on your brand videos, some ideas could help improve your brand.

• Offers and accommodation services are clearly understood by client’s way before they even arrive at your resort.

• Your brand’s rank on the SERPs will continuously go higher.

• Positive feedback videos from client experiences will gain the trust of more clients.

• Your brand will get more clients leading to increased income.

Most hotel brands have benefited from marketing Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Louisville, Kentucky. As we have already discussed, hotel or resort brands use this strategy to focus on capturing the attention of target clients and maintaining the relationship of the existing clients. Apart from capturing attention and enabling exposure, the videos also provide information on onsite activities and offers.

With marketing video production for hotels and motels, you will definitely capture the hearts of clients out there searching for great hotel or motel services. Your responsibility is to ensure that your hospitality brand enlists the services of professionals who are going to do a great job to produce marketing videos of your hospitality establishment. You can also use video production to share great amenities and activities and even events that patrons can enjoy during a hotel guests stay.

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Word of mouth marketing from your guests is also a marketing strategy that can either increase or decrease your ratings. As much as a brand might embrace marketing video production for hotels and motels, there are other important factors on how to market your hospitality business for instance, clients will only talk positively about your establishment if you offer unforgettable services where clients enjoyed their peaceful stay in your hotel or resort. Also, when opting for video marketing on the internet, go for a professional video production company that has adequate experience in the marketing industry.

Training Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

A video production company should not only drive traffic to your brand by making marketing videos, it should also produce useful training videos for the hotel industry. With proper training videos an organization is able to minimize training expenses every time a training program is scheduled. Training for hospitality brands has always been an expensive activity that most hotels and resorts could hope to deal with once and for all.

When training videos are made accessible for all employees, the hotel or motels do not have to pay for the training sessions every now and then. Training videos for the hotels and motels industry are the trending methods of teaching new and current employees on what is expected of them when dealing with certain issues at their work stations.

The next time you schedule a training program, consider the using professional Training video production for hotels & motels. Prospective hospitality workers can learn a lot from video training. Among those who can benefit are;

• Concierge ( Host/ Front Desk/ Guest Relations/ and Reservations Agent)

• Event Planner (Wedding Coordinator/ Meeting Planner/ Convention Planner)

• Executive Chef ( Catering Manager/ Food and Beverage Manager/ Restaurant Manager)

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Prospective hospitality employees who are always in direct contact with clients should never miss training videos for hotels and motels. Workers like;

• Hotel General Manager (Back Office Assistant/ Director of Hotel Sales/ Shift Manager)

• Housekeeper (Director of Housekeeping/ Director of Maintenance/ Executive Housekeeper)

• Porter (Bell Attendant/ Parking Lot Attendant/ Bellhop and Bellman)


Even those that offer their services in restaurants, bars, casinos, and other food establishments should also take part in the training videos in the hospitality industry. When scheduling to train the prospective hospitality workers also include:

• Banquet Server

• Barista

• Bartenders

• Café Manager

• Food Runner/ Server

• Head Waiter

• Host/ Hostess

Interview Videos for the Hotels & Motels

Interview videos for hotels & motels should always include customer interviews and expert interviews. Most clients love going through the video interviews before approaching you for your services. With expert interviews, you will assure potential clients of what you are offering; most clients also believe more in expert interviews. Expert interviews can also be used as a platform to assure your clients that they will only be served by professionals. Other clients opt to go through the customer interviews videos.

They want to know how the previous clients enjoyed their stay at your hotel. Such interviews are also great at driving conversions to your website. Therefore ensure to always seek for professional Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Louisville, Kentucky.

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When employing hospitality workers, interview videos for hotels and motels can also make work easier for your brand. Interview videos will be sent to the shortlisted candidates who will have enough time to go through the questions and even provide appropriate answers before responding. Therefore, any hospitality establishment, looking for future hospitality workers can benefit extensively from interview videos.

Are you a smart hotel brand owner with interest in Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Louisville, Kentucky? Reach us today at Beverly Boy Productions for unforgettable services.

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