Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Baltimore, Maryland

Seeking Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Baltimore, Maryland? Just like the way a big percentage of the hospitality industry players have continuously experienced customers yearly and seasonally, the hotels & motels industry has not been left behind. Throughout the year, the Smart hotel brands work on their plan to improve their client accommodation experiences to maximize revenue gains despite the ever-changing market demand. Hotels and motels are in an industry worth more than $133 billion dollars. Over the years, the industry has changed the livelihood of many people by employing over 1.3 million people.

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Proper advertisement has also led to its growth. Today hotels and motels are embracing video marketing to promote their services & accommodations. Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Baltimore, Maryland is a marketing strategy that will no doubt facilitate a vast growth of the industry, especially on social media platforms. The brands can also use a video production marketing strategy to offer some beneficial training programs.

In 2017, an expert predicted that Video would occupy about 74% of total internet traffic worldwide. The percentage has increased over time and continues to grow surpassing 82% recently. Billions of videos are watched on the internet daily; believable research has proven that the average consumer watching about 100 minutes a day. Social media platforms have therefore become a big market that hotel brands can use to advertise their services and accommodations. It is therefore advisable for smart hotel brands not to neglect the power of sharing their videos on the internet to improve their brands.

Suppose you are interested in the video production services, Beverly Boy Productions is here for you. Beverly Boy Productions will produce videos for travel and hospitality industry brands at your convenient time. We can also produce videos for those in the hotels & motels industry as well. Through Our services of Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Baltimore, Maryland we also create promotional videos among other services like production of marketing media, coaching videos, consumer statements and specialists view videos. You can share the videos on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook to increase awareness of your services.

Promotional Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Did you know that Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Baltimore, Maryland, allows your brand to tell its story? Short promotional videos can go a long way in driving audience to your platform, whose trust you will win by ensuring a consistent conversation between your brand and the clients on the internet. Usually, a promo video is between 30 and 60-seconds long, but that can change, there are promotional videos for hotels & motels that might run for longer than the specified time.

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Below are the main aim for video production for the hotels & motels.

Through promotional videos for your hotel or motel your brand will be able to enjoy the benefits of the following:

• Video production creates awareness about your brand.

• Video production creates and increases a good relationship and trust between your brand and the clients.

• Videos are easily remembered by people who watch them.

• By watching your videos, potential investors can be influenced into investing in your brand.

• The existing relationship between clients and the brands is maintained through video production.

Marketing Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Marketing videos have always played a vital role to the growth and sustainability of hotels & motels. You will be surprised how production of professional marketing videos for hotels or motels and posting them on social media will give visibility to your brand. When you create trust between your brand and your clients, you will always record increasing bookings despite the year’s season. The hotels & motels industry is today enjoying several benefits of marketing videos. Some of the benefits are listed below.

• Increased clarity of your brand on social platforms

• Well build interaction or communication between your brand and your clients

• Clients get a clear understanding of what your brand is

• The brand’s services and accommodations are clarified to clients

• Your brand will gain a higher rank on the SERPs.

• Increased sale rates

• Marketing videos increase the trust bond between the audience, clients and the brand.

Marketing Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Baltimore, Maryland assists a brand in grasping the attention of clients and target audience. Valuable information related to what a hotel or resort brand is offering, for instance, services, current onsite activities, special offers of the day, can be provided for clients via videos. Such informative details play a vital role in attracting more clients and retaining current ones to your brand.

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If you are after the most efficient method of capturing the hearts and trust of clients who are in search of excellent hotel or motel accommodation services, then you should consider the use of marketing video production for hotels and motels for your hospitality brand .With marketing videos of your hospitality establishment, you can assure your clients of the excellent customer services they are looking for. You can use the videos to show off some of your great amenities and activities and even events currently being offered before, after or during the hotel guests stay.

Three things will result to a productive word of mouth marketing from your guests. They include marketing video production for hotels and motels, excellent customer service and a satisfactory stay at your hotel. Positive customer reviews about your brands services attract newer and more clients. Production of videos on customer experience is a technique of how to market your hospitality business. The best customer review videos should be done by a professional video production company with experience in the marketing industry.

Training Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Apart from driving traffic towards your brand, video production has got other special benefits to the organizations growth, for instance Training videos for the hotel industry. Training videos will guarantee your hotel or resort a reduction in the employee training expenses. Training for hospitality brands can be quite expensive a trainer needs to be hired after a while to conduct employee training. However, all these can change if training videos are produced and made accessible for all employees to watch and learn. Training videos for the hotels and motels industry are a great way of teaching employees how to deal with adverse circumstances that can happen in real-time.

Suppose you are planning a training program for your hotel organization, opt for Training video production for hotels & motels, a technique that will save you a lot of time and money. Video production is also perfect since the training is accessible any day as long the prospective hospitality workers are willing to learn. Video training can easily explain all the roles and responsibilities of workers.

For instance,

• Concierge ( Host/ Front Desk/ Guest Relations/ and Reservations Agent)

• Event Planner (Wedding Coordinator/ Meeting Planner/ Convention Planner)

• Executive Chef ( Catering Manager/ Food and Beverage Manager/ Restaurant Manager)

Prospective hospitality employees who are directly involved in hotels and motels have the high chances of benefiting from training videos for hotels and motels. Such employees include:

• Hotel General Manager (Back Office Assistant/ Director of Hotel Sales/ Shift Manager)

• Housekeeper (Director of Housekeeping/ Director of Maintenance/ Executive Housekeeper)

• Porter (Bell Attendant/ Parking Lot Attendant/ Bellhop and Bellman)

Employees working in restaurants, bars, casinos, and other food establishments can also benefit from Training videos in the hospitality industry.

Therefore when planning to train the prospective hospitality workers also include those that work as:

• Banquet Server

• Barista

• Bartenders

• Café Manager

• Food Runner/ Server

• Head Waiter

• Host/ Hostess

Interview Videos for the Hotels & Motels

Customer interviews and expert interviews are incorporated in the Interview videos for hotels & motels. They are videos that gain the trust of consumers and investors toward your brand. Expert interviews contribute heavily towards passing knowledgeable information to your consumers. You can also use it to show the team of employees behind the great services your organization offers. Customer interviews are also perfect for attracting more clients to your brand and driving conversions. When your clients have a positive thing to talk about your brand, there is a high chance of attracting new clients and retaining the ones who already believe in your brand. All the above is possible when Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Baltimore, Maryland is done professionally.


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Furthermore, Interview videos for hotels and motels are perfect when searching for hospitality workers. The interview videos method allows the employees to go through the questions as many times as possible as they prepare themselves to give perfectly analyzed answers. Interview videos are currently the most trusted method in the industry to identify future hospitality workers that are qualified to work in your hospitality establishment.

Suppose you belong to a smart hotel brand and are interested in Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Baltimore, Maryland. Give us a call now! We at Beverly Boy Productions are ready to offer you excellent services.

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