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Today’s fastest growing industry worldwide is the hotels & motels and by extension the hospitality industry. Even during the toughest season of the year, you will still notice smart hotel brands working extremely hard to maximize revenue gains. Just like any other industry, the hotel industry has got its market struggles that hinder its progression; however, no market struggle has prevented the industry from always aiming higher. It is currently an industry worth more than $133 billion dollars. The industry’s impact has been felt by the community as it is capable of employing over 1.3 million people. Unique and appropriate marketing strategies have contributed greatly to the growth of the industry. Most hotel brands have opted for Video production the hotels & motels marketing strategies and training programs. They use Video marketing to promote their services & accommodations.

About six years ago, it was said that Video would occupy about 74% of total internet traffic. A prediction that has come to reality since it continues to grow surpassing 82% recently. Recently research has been conducted proving an average consumer watching about 100 minutes in just one day. With such kind of knowledge, it is correct to say the internet is the best market to advertise your business. Through advertisement via video production, the hotel industry has gained exposure globally.

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Are you in the hotels & motels industry and are interested in video production for the hotels & motels industry? Be sure to get in contact with Beverly Boy Productions. Beverly Boy Productions is equipped with video production specialists who are more than capable to produce videos for travel and hospitality industry brands. Beverly Boy Productions is known for production of marketing media. The videos are integrated into promotional content on a website or social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Other than promotional videos, we at Beverly Boy Productions, assure you of remarkable training videos for your training programs, client feedback videos, and expert interviews as well.

Promotional Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Give us a chance to market your brand’s services through Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Atlanta, Georgia. Such an opportunity is the greatest way to ensure your hotel or resort gains exposure to the public. Apart from sharing your story, you will be able to also share your offers and future plans. Do not underestimate the short promotional videos that give you an online presence, they are more than capable of driving huge traffic toward your brand. A Promo video is between 30 and 60-seconds long, however, it can take longer if you have something extra juicy to share. Always ensure that your brand’s promotional videos for hotels & motels are done by professionals who know about the marketing strategy.

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Are you still wondering how Video production for the hotels & motels will work for your brand? Below are well-illustrated reasons why you need promotional videos for your hotel or motel as a marketing strategy.

• Interesting promotional videos will always introduce you to potential new clients on the internet.

• Promotional videos always keep your clients in the loop about your next move.

• Interesting promotional videos are always memorable.

• More people will be attracted to your brand, Depending on how interested and attractive your videos are.

• Videos maintain a close relationship between your brand and clients, potential clients, and investors.

• Promotional videos are also a perfect way to advertise, what you are currently offering, and future offers and events.

Marketing Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Do you know that your hotel brand is capable of enjoying increasing bookings all year? Professional production of marketing videos can only bring you nothing but an increase in revenue. Through marketing videos, hotels & motels advertise their services on the internet. Most clients come knocking on their doors after having gone through their websites or come across an advertising video about their brands on a social platform. It is therefore important for the hotels & motels industry to accept the production of promo videos as a marketing strategy. Marketing videos will have the following impact on hotel brands.

• The public will have clarity on what you offer.

• Communication to the brand becomes easy as the clients are able to watch their videos and respond to them.

• Clients get appropriate information about the brand’s offers and services via the internet.

• The brands get a chance to rank higher on the SERPs.

• Promotional videos stimulate constant communication between the brand and the clients.

• A great bond of trust is created between the clients and the brand.

• High-income rates due to more clients approaching the brand.

Most hotel brands have embraced Marketing Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Atlanta, Georgia. No hotel or resort brand wants to be left behind in capturing the attention of target customers. Other brands also use video marketing to advertise amazing fun activities happening in their resorts and also advertise some of the offers that one might find tempting.

So many customers are out there today searching for a hotel or motel offering excellent accommodation services. Suppose your brand had adopted marketing video production for hotels and motels, it could be exactly what they are looking for. Why don’t you improve your hospitality brand by grabbing this chance to marketing videos of your hospitality establishment? You will also get to share great amenities and activities and even events they can participate in during hotel guests stay.

As much as marketing video production for hotels and motels, has proven to be an efficient marketing strategy, it is the responsibility of the owner of the brand and those in charge to ensure that Word of mouth marketing from your guests is positive. You wouldn’t want to market heaven via videos and offer totally the opposite when guests finally arrive. Another way how to market your hospitality business is to ensure that the clients can relate what you advertised to what you offered. Unsatisfied clients will not give positive feedback leading to negative exposure of your hotel brand. Furthermore, a professional video production company has the required experience in the marketing industry to take your brand to the next level.

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Training Videos for the Hotels & Motels 

Video production companies can also be useful when Training videos for the hotel industry are required. A hotel brand with professional Training videos rarely spends much on a training program. There is always that time of the year when employees need to undergo training, however, Training for hospitality brands sometimes is too expensive for the brand owners. Video production companies can make training videos easily accessible for all employees at their own convenient times. Training videos for the hotels and motels industry play a vital role in educating and teaching employees on their specific duties, and responsibilities and how to handle specific scenarios.

It is crucial for all prospective hospitality workers to undergo training at their workplace. Therefore, ensure in the next training program, you consult a video production company on video production for hotels & motels. Who among the hotel industry workers benefit from video training?

• Concierge ( Host/ Front Desk/ Guest Relations/ and Reservations Agent)

• Event Planner (Wedding Coordinator/ Meeting Planner/ Convention Planner)

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Executive Chef ( Catering Manager/ Food and Beverage Manager/ Restaurant Manager)Other Prospective hospitality employees that aren’t allowed to miss the training videos for hotels and motels are:

• Hotel General Manager (Back Office Assistant/ Director of Hotel Sales/ Shift Manager)

• Housekeeper (Director of Housekeeping/ Director of Maintenance/ Executive Housekeeper)

• Porter (Bell Attendant/ Parking Lot Attendant/ Bellhop and Bellman)

Workers that are also assigned to restaurants, bars, casinos, and other food establishments should also not be denied an opportunity to experience training, they too can benefit from Training videos in the hospitality industry. All hotel brands should train the prospective hospitality workers inclusive of:

• Banquet Server

• Barista

• Bartenders

• Café Manager

• Food Runner/ Server

• Head Waiter

• Host/ Hostess

Interview Videos for the Hotels & Motels

Customer interviews and expert interviews all fall under the Interview videos for hotels & motels. They are all essential for marketing your brand on all social media platforms. Potential clients often go through the mentioned videos to understand your brand more. Without proper customer interviews videos, you are unlikely to attract the interest of new clients. At the same time, if you are after driving conversions to your website ensure you have proper and professionally done videos on expert interviews. We, therefore, urge you to get professional Video Production for Hotels & Motels in Atlanta, Georgia at Beverly Boy Productions.


Apart from using Interview videos for hotels and motels to advertise your hospitality brand, you can also use them to employ hospitality workers. Create interview videos then sent the videos to candidates you wish to employ. The interview videos strategy is perfect in making sure your candidates got the questions on time and they have enough time to prepare their answers before giving their feedback. Hospitality establishments can use this strategy to identify future hospitality workers.

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Would you like to be part of the smart hotel brand use of video production for hotels and motels? Make a call to us now at Beverly Boy Productions.

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