Video Production for For-Profit Universities

Degree-granting universities which operate for-profit represent a unique group of 279 schools across the U.S. which include Apollo Education Group & Perdoceo Education Corp as well as several others. This $13 billion dollar industry has been negatively impacted by significant student loan default rates and higher than average student drop-out, and because most for-profit universities receive 90% of their revenue through student tuition which is funded through Title IV grants, industry regulation through the US Government Accountability Office could further contribute to low revenues & profit for these schools. Video Production for For-Profit Universities includes a variety of styles & types of marketing & promotional video content as well as industry-specific training videos which can contribute to lead generation & revenue growth.

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Beverly Boy Productions works with schools, including for-profit universities, to provide expert video creation that targets key consumer audiences including students, student prospects, and their family members or loved ones who could benefit from the educational offerings & services provided by a for-profit university or school.

Promotional Videos for For-Profit Universities

Promotional videos for for-profit universities are largely focused on sharing insights into upcoming events, promotions, sales, or important concepts that relate to the school and could potentially interest the student body, prospective students, or their loved ones. These short, engaging videos are often shared on school social media accounts, websites, television, or in areas where promoting the school is most likely to result in the ideal target audience seeing the content and engaging with the brand.


Promotional videos don’t just sell the school & its culture to students, though. These videos can also share stories, expert achievements, events, and other branded aspects of the educational experience that a for-profit university has to offer. With more than 78% of consumers engaging in digital video online every week, for-profit schools can gain a lot of admissions, revenue, and general conversions through the introduction of promotional videos as part of their marketing & advertising campaigns.

Marketing Videos for For-Profit Universities


Marketing Video Production for For-Profit Universities includes the creation of targeted video content that aligns with key marketing & advertising goals for the school. These videos often seek to pique student attention, increase audience awareness, drive revenue generating leads & admissions, and ultimately draw more students and families into the school setting.

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For-profit universities that utilize marketing videos in their social media, website, email, and organic marketing campaigns can achieve many strong advantages over their competitors including:

     • 1200% higher social media shares and engagement.
     • 64% more purchases from customers that tend to convert after seeing video.
     • Up to 66% more qualified leads per year.
     • Up to 80% higher landing page conversions.
     • Increased audience reach & admissions.
     • Increased ROI from ads and media campaigns.

Students prefer video over all other formats or marketing, advertising and promotional content from big brands and from the for-profit universities that they’re interested in attending for their own educational benefits. Savvy schools are going to use video to grow their business or brand while their competitors fall behind.

Training Videos for For-Profit Universities

As you grow your school, bringing on newly hired staff including teachers and expert educators as well as skilled professionals in a variety of support services, can help you to properly build your for-profit school so that students, parents, and prospects will appreciate the support, educational assistance, and expert advice that you can provide. Video training programs, which focus largely on building up campus support for new hires & new students are incredibly valuable and increasingly popular.


Training Video Production for For-Profit Universities can have several major benefits including reduced training times, flexibility for students & employees, and a generally wide-acceptance among viewers when compared to other forms of training including books or manuals, still images, or in-person events.

Interview Videos for For-Profit Universities

Building up student trust, and the trust of their loved ones or family members, is essential to growing overall admissions and bringing more attendees to your campus. Creating short, powerful interview videos that share the expert insights and knowledge of your for-profit university founders, key leaders, educators, and even your students can build a message of trust, commitment, and confidence for your target audience.

For-Profit Universities video quote!

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For-profit universities that choose to incorporate video content into their marketing and advertising should look for ways that they can build expert content that shares the core messaging, mission, and foundational tactics of the project with the primary audience without jeopardizing the expertise, or targeted experience, that stands behind the educational culture and brand.
Beverly Boy Productions has a variety of expert services in Video Production for For-Profit Universities that can build audience awareness, increase their level of commitment and attention, garnering more trust and confidence as you further expose your classroom, students, and campus to consumers as your for-profit university-wide brand. Give us a call and ask about our Video Production for For-Profit Universities that can help you achieve your tuition, admissions, and revenue generating growth goals.

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