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Colleges & universities are expected to increase enrollment and tuition costs resulting in significant rises in overall revenue for the industry which represents a $568 billion dollar market. While industry demand across colleges and universities around the nation was discouraged a bit as a result of an improving economy and greater access to decent paying jobs that did not require college education, a surge in growth is expected in the coming years due largely to colleges introducing easier access to nontraditional students, increased government funding, and stronger state & local appropriations for the industry. Video Production for Colleges & Universities is an essential task that will contribute to adding revenue for your institution by increasing audience awareness, driving enrollment, and boosting overall revenue growth.

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Educational institutions that utilize video in their marketing & advertising as well as to train their educators and staff can stand to benefit quite significantly from including video into their programs. Not only does video increase enrollment and improve student retention, it can also reduce training times & the total resources required to grow a college or university educator team resulting in significantly higher overall ROI for the institution.

Beverly Boy Productions works closely with colleges & universities to provide a wide range of affordable, effective video marketing & promotional video production services that can cultivate a community of students, prospective students and their families and loved ones that are interested in the educational services, classroom opportunities, and experiences that the school can provide.

Promotional Videos for Colleges & Universities


A huge part of promoting colleges & universities is rightfully focused on building up audience awareness around the culture, activities, and events that make up the overall experience students can appreciate being a part of at each school. Promotional Video Production for Colleges & Universities is essential to building out a flagship advertising program for each school which focuses on:

• Building up audience recognition.
Boosting audience awareness outside the close-knit family, friends & loved ones of those already in attendance or considering attendance to the school.
• Increasing enrollment and driving tuition revenue for the school.
• Improving student retention rates and reducing total cost of acquisition for new & incoming students.

Short, engaging promotional videos for colleges & universities throughout the nation are an important element of any educational marketing & advertising campaign, particularly as consumers spend an average of 100 minutes engaging in video online each day.

Marketing Videos for Colleges & Universities

Schools, especially colleges & universities, that are looking to expand their marketing reach and improve revenue can experience significant advantages with video at the foundation of their marketing campaigns. Marketing Video Production for Colleges & Universities can exemplify the school, target the emotions of a unique audience that can benefit from the educational services offered by the brand, and build up student and prospective student response to the brand.

For many colleges & universities, video is an irreplaceable element of the marketing strategy already, for those who are still seeking information on the power of video marketing, consider the following benefits:

• 90% of people discover new brands on YouTube.
• Social video generates 1200% more shares than non-video marketing.
• 96% of consumers have watched an explainer video in order to learn about a service.
• 64% of consumers make a purchase after seeing branded videos.
• 86% of businesses already use video as a key marketing tool

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Marketing videos can connect with your target audience on an emotional level that is conducive to increased conversions & long-term retention. Viewers that see your school represented in a video are more likely to recall your school later on, to connect with your school, and to ultimately become students themselves.

Training Videos for Colleges & Universities

As an educational institution, providing proper training is absolutely essential to growing revenue across your school. Training videos for colleges & universities are ideal for teaching and training new employees, teachers or instructors, and staff but they can also be used to train students. Colleges & universities benefit from creating expert training videos which:

• Reflect the unique training required for students that are learning how to use school facilities, features, or equipment.
• Showcase important new student, or new employee, onboarding programs & routines.
• Provide visually engaging instruction that helps students & employees to navigate school software, intranets, and other educational equipment.
• Provide immediate, always available & flexible access to training allowing students & staff to learn at their own pace and on their own time.

Training videos can reduce training costs, improve training outcomes, and increase student & teacher productivity over other forms of in-person training, student or teacher shadowing, or written training manuals.

Interview Videos for Colleges & Universities

As a school that is trying to drive up admissions, building an audience that trusts in your program, your teachers, and the experience that you create for students is essential. Interview videos, especially those which provide compelling insights into teacher expertise, experience, and commitment to student excellence can create that sense of emotional trust & commitment between students, parents, & loved ones that is essential to growing your educational brand.

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Considering sharing expert interviews with your teachers, key leaders, and important personnel to help prospective students learn about the general experience and overall educational opportunities that are available at your school. Then, consider interviews with your sports teams, extracurricular activities leaders, and even tenured students to provide a more rounded approach to helping prospective students identify with your school and determine whether or not it’s the right place for them. It’s all part of our expert services in Video Production for Colleges & Universities offered by Team Beverly Boy to help you grow revenue & admissions for your school.

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