How to Hire a Boston Hybrid Event Company

The decision to host a hybrid event that will maximize your audience reach and increase engagement opportunities for attendees is certainly a huge opportunity. Hiring a Boston hybrid event company that will work closely with you to produce an engaging and entertaining in-person and virtual event that captivates your audience represents a very important decision for your business. These types of events, while quickly gaining popularity, represent an entirely new form of experience that can be incredibly successful for business owners. But you have to be sure you’ve hired the right professional for the job.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events are a mix of in-person and virtual events that utilize a mix of virtual online attendance and live real-time events to present a mixed opportunity for engagement and activity for attendees online and off. Frequently the chosen option for tradeshows, conferences, and town hall meetings as well as a variety of other events, the hybrid event consists of virtual engagement opportunities online as well as in-person opportunities at a specific Boston venue presenting the opportunity for attendees to engage and participate in the event from home or in-person at the venue of choice.

Why Host a Hybrid Event?

Hosting a hybrid event instead of a fully virtual or fully in-person event is a consideration that must be made with careful thought, but why? Most event coordinators choose to host hybrid events because they provide broader reach and more opportunity. For the host, ticket sales are almost always better for a hybrid event than they would be for virtual only or in-person only, because these events appeal to a wider audience. Likewise, sponsorship opportunities are generally greater for hybrid events, too, because these events draw a larger audience that appeals to more sponsors.

Of course, the reasons for hosting a hybrid event are not solely relative to sponsorship or the potential for greater ticket sales. Actually, hybrid events are ideal because they:

  • Allow attendees that couldn’t otherwise attend in-person to be there virtually to engage.
  • Provide opportunities for those who have limited ability to travel to attend an event that has an in-person component rather than a virtual-only event.
  • Provide an opportunity for more attendees despite the event being hosted at a venue with limited attendee access or seating.

If you’ve been trying to coordinate an event for your Boston business, but you’ve struggled to find the perfect setting to host a large crowd, or you get the feeling that some of your attendees wouldn’t be able to be there in-person, considering a hybrid event might be the best option for you to appeal to your target audience both online and off.

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Hiring a Boston Hybrid Event Company

If you’re thinking about hiring a Boston hybrid event company, you’re going to have to coordinate with the company a number of important details including the event venue, the apps that will be used to host the virtual portion of the event, and the production crew to capture the live, in-person component of the event. It’s important to hire a Boston hybrid event company that comes with plenty of background and experience not only in the production of live events, but in the production of virtual events, too.

Beverly Boy Productions specializes in hybrid event production with a keen understanding of the ins and outs of virtual event hosting as well as livestream broadcasting and live-event production. Our crew has more than two decades of experience and we work throughout Boston to coordinate venue and location needs, equipment, and streaming technology to ensure your hybrid event is as entertaining as it is successful.

To learn more about hiring our Boston hybrid event company to coordinate and execute your hybrid event, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to get our crew on-board with the creation and production of your hybrid event!

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