How Much Does it Cost to Make a Kickstarter Video?

You’ve put months of time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into perfecting your new product to launch on Kickstarter, and you’re almost ready. Everything seems to be in place, except for your Kickstarter video campaign. You know video is the final deciding factor in whether your campaign is successful, and you know it’s important, but how much does it cost to make a Kickstarter video? 

As you define your Kickstarter campaign budget, video is a key element that will drive your campaign costs, but for good cause. The perfect video can boost your chances of achieving success with your campaign. But if you’re not familiar with the costs of video production, you might be surprised to find out that the average cost of video per finished minute is generally somewhere between $1,000 and about $10,000 but videos that have extensive special effects can cost more than $20,000 per finished minute. 

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Average Kickstarter Video Cost

Most Kickstarter videos are between 1 and 3 minutes long. This means, on the low end, you can expect your Kickstarter video to cost between $1,000 and $3,000. A good average for a basic Kickstarter video with minimal added effects is $2,000. Professional filming and the addition of things like the addition of talented presenters can increase your total video cost. 

In addition to hiring presenters, your Kickstarter video will also have costs associated with:

● A talented video editor, which can range upwards of $60 to $175 per hour.

● A director for the video which will cost somewhere between $25 and $250 per hour.

● A camera crew that will cost between $25 and $400 per hour and per cameraman.

● Professional studio shooting costs typically run between $100 and $400 per hour.

Professional Film Equipment for Kickstarter Videos

As you continue to budget out an answer to your question, “how much does it cost to make a Kickstarter video?” keep in mind that you will also have costs associated with the various film equipment that is required to produce your video content.

A poor camera, low-quality lighting, or a lack of professional equipment may leave your Kickstarter campaign video appearing less than professional and this can dramatically impact your successes with the campaign. 

Hiring a professional camera crew like Beverly Boy Productions to capture your Kickstarter campaign video ensures that you get professional quality equipment capturing your film footage. We’ll use things like cranes, booms, and 4K technology to captures the highest quality video footage for your campaign video. Give Team Beverly Boy a call today to learn more about your Kickstarter campaign video production costs and what you can expect to pay for your campaign video.

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