The Do's and Don'ts of Atlanta Remote Webcasting

The Do’s and Don’ts of Atlanta Remote Webcasting

Remote work environments have largely shifted the way that businesses are communicating with employees, prospective clients and customers, and even with stockholders. Even cities and states now use remote webcasting to deliver engaging, interactive real-time data updates to residents in a safe, and healthy manner. Atlanta remote webcasting is a chosen method of communicating real time data updates and interactive presentations for stockholders, clients, and employees among many Atlanta businesses.


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At Beverly Boy Productions, we frequently discuss Atlanta remote webcasting solutions with clients that are interested in adding webinars and real time broadcast events to their campaigns.

To help clients better understand the process, we’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts.

DO: Plan Your Webcast in Advance.

Once you have the technology in place to establish an Atlanta remote webcasting experience you may think that you can just deliver real time updates whenever you like.

However, it’s important to plan the remote webcast ahead and to practice the presentation so that you can provide a professional experience for your audience.

It is important to set a timeframe up for your webcast and to practice your presentation to ensure you start and stop on time.

DON’T: Start Late!

Your audience’s time is important, show them that you care by starting and stopping your remote webcast on time.

Make sure that you are punctual with your presentation and that you plan ahead to check equipment so that you don’t have any issues with starting on time.

DO: Include Corporate Branding.

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Use your branding in your webinar so that your audience recognizes who the presentation is from. 

This will encourage your audience to stick around longer for the message even if they are less interested than they should be. It will also help your audience to trust the message that is being delivered.

DON’T: Forget to Collect Audience Insights.

There are several opportunities and methods of collecting audience data during your Atlanta remote webcasting experience.

Consider polls, surveys, or live Q&A sessions to collect insights from your audience. Also plan on how you will use the data you collect so that you know what steps to take to collect the data.

DO: Hire a Professional Webcasting Production Crew.

Web Livestreaming Crew

Hiring a professional Atlanta remote webcasting production crew like Beverly Boy Productions will help you to establish the plan, technology, and required steps to produce your webcast and deliver an engaging experience for your audience.

Consider a professional to help you with your webcasting and to ensure the greatest chance for a successful outcome. 

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