When is Road Closure for Filming in Georgia Required

When is Road Closure for Filming in Georgia Required?

Filming in the Peach State will be an exciting experience for any filmmaker, especially those who are entirely new to the area. However, as with any time you’re going to be filming in a public location there are rules that must be followed. Specifically, permits are required anytime filmmakers in Georgia wish to embark on any public streets, roadways, right-of-ways or sidewalks. If you’ll be filming along the roadways, or if your filmmaking will otherwise interrupt traffic, knowing when a road closure for filming in Georgia is required is important.

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Permits from Georgia DOT

The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) provides permits to film producers and crews. The DOT requires a permit be obtained anytime a Georgia right-of-way will be used.

Or otherwise interrupted for filmmaking purposes. This includes the issuing of permits in the event that road closure for filming in Georgia is required.

A special use permit may be required if there will be distinct interruptions to the traffic on roadways. Or if the public will otherwise be interfered with.

Arrangements should be made in advance to allow for adequate review by the DOT. As well as to allow for time to coordinate a traffic control plan that is acceptable.

When is Road Closure for Filming in Georgia Required?

In the event that filmmaking will impede public use of roadways the Georgia DOT will require that filmmakers seek special provisions to allow for road closure.

As well as to cover the additional need for local law enforcement to work on site changing traffic directions and otherwise providing complete traffic control.

A road closure for filming in Georgia is generally required if:

  • Filmmaking will take more than 15 minutes.
  • Filmmaking will take place along the roadway or within the right-of-way.
  • Vehicles used in filmmaking will not be abiding by normal traffic laws.
  • Filmmaking will interrupt the regular flow of traffic.
  • Drones or other aircraft will be used above the roadways which could disrupt or otherwise distract drivers.
  • Props, equipment, or other items will impede traffic, pose a risk to the public on roadways, or may otherwise impact regular use of the public roads.

In Summary

As you can see, there are several reasons for a road closure for filming in Georgia. Which really just depends largely on your individual circumstances.

If you’re interested in applying for a road closure for filming in Georgia? Contact the Georgia Department of Transportation DOT) to provide key details about your unique situation. And to learn more about the film permit application process. 

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