How to Write a Script for a Video

How to Write a Script for a Video

Writing a video script is an important task that many aspiring filmmakers will attempt several times over before they get it just right. In fact, knowing how to write a script for a video is something that almost any filmmaker will learn over time and with a lot of practice. As we show you how to write a video script, we’re outlining the most important elements to include, formatting details, and the steps to successful screenwriting for a variety of video styles.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in producing a variety of videos. Writing video scripts is second nature to us. 

Important Elements to Include in Any Video Script

Writing any video script will require some important elements. In fact, whether you’re writing an instructional video or a fictional story, you’re going to need details on narrative, dialogue, setting, and characters or the primary subjects of your video.

In fact, we believe most scripts are going to include the following elements:

  • The written dialogue that will be spoken.
  • Information about the written dialogue that sets the tone, pace, and scene.
  • Where the dialogue is spoken and when.
  • How the dialogue is spoken.
  • Who is included in the story, whether characters or subjects.
  • Details on the setting and location as well as the timing.

Script Formatting

Scripts can be formatted in a variety of ways. Most movie scripts or feature video scripts are formatted in a standard format that is used by script writing software.

If you’re not using a script writing or screenplay software, consider the following important details:

  • Use Courier 12-point font.
  • Include 1.5 inch margin to the left.
  • Include 1 inch margins on the top, bottom, and right.
  • Always announce Characters or Subjects with capital letters.
  • Use Parentheticals to dictate important details for actors that are not delivered in the dialogue or narrative.

Considerations when Writing a Script for a Video

Before you begin writing your script, make sure that you are away from how long you want your video to be (and know that the average written page equals one finished minute of video). 

You should also consider the purpose of your video, what the action is that you desire from your audience, who your audience is and what value you’ll provide with your video.

Keep Things Short and Sweet

Make sure that you write your script in a language that your audience will understand and connect with. Keep the tone simple and conversational. Keep the written verbiage short and to the point.

Less is more when it comes to writing a script for any video. You’ll want to use visuals to tell the story more than you use words.

In Summary

As you learn how to write a script for a video, make sure that you are providing details on the setting, scene, location, timing and characters involved.

The dialogue should be easy to understand between various subjects or characters of your video. It’s also important to include important details for the production crew, such as the delineation of montages, transitions, or things like flashbacks or flash forwards if those occur.

Learning how to write a script for a video just requires your focus and practice. As you hone your script writing skills you’ll find that the process not only gets easier, but that you get better at it, too.

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