Top 2 Dhaka Film Schools

Top 2 Dhaka Film Schools for Aspiring Filmmakers to Consider

Dhaka, Bangladesh enjoys a vibrant film industry and is home to many aspiring filmmakers seeking to find their way to heightened careers in the industry.

If you’re looking for Dhaka film schools that can provide a sense of community while offering hands-on education and training, we’ve got the list for you. Each of the schools below offers Dhaka filmmakers specialized training assistance to support advancement in their careers in the Dhaka industry. These schools provide programs that include hands-on training, intensive support for filmmakers, and the traditional education that you can expect from a college of a university film program.

Recognizing the challenges faced by members of the Dhaka video production community, we want to help you find the right school. Many of the programs offered at these Dhaka film schools prepare graduates for careers in Dhaka film production and visual arts. Students who choose to study core principles in filming, editing, and production often find advanced career paths with major film companies, news studios, and advertising agencies or opt for self-employment.

1. Bangladesh Film Institute (BFI)

Bangladesh Film Institute offers 3 courses for filmmakers to advance their educational interests. Programs include a two-month film appreciation course, a one-month short film making course and a week-long scriptwriting course.

Classes are generally small, much like we see in other Dhaka film schools, which affords students plenty of one-on-one training support. Completion of any of the three courses at Bangladesh Film Institute will help students to advance careers in filmmaking, production, scriptwriting, and various other art fields. For more information, visit the website or speak with a representative.




House 39/A

Road 4/A, Dhanmondi R/A

Dhaka, Bangladesh

2.  Pathshala South Asian Media Institute Cinematography

Cinematography courses provided at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute encourage students to advance their skills in film and TV production by offering students unique storytelling experience and advanced techniques in lighting and motion picture.

The course provides students with access to a digital library, a full editing lab, and on-campus practice with a professional video camera. Courses are 3 months long and require attendance two days per week. Completion of this course, similar to those offered at several other Dhaka film schools, will qualify students for entry-level positions as camerapersons for TV, film, or freelance cinematography roles.




House 36

Road 9A

Dhanmondi R/A Dhaka 1209

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