5 Reasons to Consider Animated Explainer Videos to Pitch Investors

Raising money through investment fundraising can be particularly challenging even for a business that’s already got a strong reputation. It can be even more challenging for a new business or when pitching a new product, service or idea that’s incredibly complex and difficult to understand. Animated explainer videos are an excellent source for pitching to investors, especially for those difficult to understand ideas.

Producing animated explainer videos to support your investor pitches can help you save time while increasing support for your idea and generating significantly higher investment funding. In fact, including animated explainer videos in your pitch presentation represents an incredibly opportunity to set yourself and your pitch apart from the competition and, since investors see pitches all the time, you really should do anything you can to set yourself apart.

Consider these top reasons to integrate the use of animated explainer videos into your pitch to investors if you want to stand out from the competition, achieve maximum fundraising, and win over more investors with your pitch!

  1. Attract Investor Attention 

Investors see a lot of pitch presentations and receive cold pitch decks rather frequently. This means, if you’re thinking you can cold pitch with success, you’re probably wrong! You need something to stand out and attract the attention of your target investor. You need to grab their attention and hold it! Animated explainer videos, which detail your idea with visual animations, music and other sounds, as well as narration can really make a difference in whether your investor stops to listen to your pitch or they keep scrolling onto the next big idea!

It doesn’t matter how amazing your idea is, if you’re pitching it in a boring, same old/same old sort of way, you’re probably not going to get the fundraising that you need! You’ve got about 8 seconds to grab the attention of the investor, and the best way to do that is with video! Animated explainer videos connect with the investor in a way that no other form of interactive content can and, done right, have the potential to stimulate your investor making them WANT to keep watching.

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  1. Create a Memorable Message

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The use of colorful animations and enriching messaging or voice over that captures the attention of your target investor are just a few of the ways that video content such as animated explainer videos can be used to create a memorable message for your audience. You really want investors to remember your message, and to keep it fresh in their mind even after the pitch, so that when they’re pondering what they should do or who they should support with their next investment, your business or brand is what pops up on their mind!

Investors are likely to recall up to 95% of what is included in your animated explainer video, compared to just 10% of a cold pitch deck that they read! If you really want to create a memorable experience that investors are going to recall and support, animations power-packed with visuals to detail complex topics and supportive narration to explain away the specifics of your pitch is key!

  1. Deliver Complex Topics in a Fraction of the Time

Ask any investor and they’ll likely tell you that they really only spend a few minutes at most on each pitch that they review. In fact, most investors will spend about 3 minutes reviewing an entire pitch! If you’re sending a cold pitch, such as a pitch deck with 20-25 slides, how can you possibly expect the investor to consume all that information in just 3 minutes? That’s about 6-8 slides per minute or 10 seconds per slide! While they may be able to quickly look at each slide for 10 seconds, the likelihood of them recalling what they saw is slim to none!

Animated explainer videos pack tons of detail and supporting data on complex topics into each 10 seconds of video. In fact, just consider the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and now think about the fact that a video represents an average of 24 frames per second capable of delivering multiple pictures or images. So a single minute of video could potentially pack tens of thousands of “words” into the human mind as we digest and break down what we see to form an understanding. Videos, especially animated explainer videos, are the best way to deliver complex topics, especially when you’re working on very limited time.

  1. Reach a Larger Audience

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Animated explainer videos can be used to reach a significantly larger audience than a cold pitch deck or even an in-person presentation could. Consider the fact that a cold pitch would almost certainly be overlooked by a large portion of investors that it was delivered to, especially if it’s just a long-winded deck full of words that the investor has only a few minutes to review. But with video, you have the power to reach a lot more investors, especially if you consider an email campaign or social media campaign for your pitch!

When video is shared in email, there is the potential for up to 300% higher click-through-rate over emails that do not include video content. Additionally, the inclusion of video on social media results in significantly more shares and higher overall reach. So, if you really want to reach a larger audience with your pitch, video is the way to go!

  1. Raise More Money & Gain Greater Support 

The overall goal of pitching to investors is to raise money or to gain support for your ideas, right? Animated explainer videos have been proven to touch the emotions of the audience, creating a strong sense of trust and increased support for concepts that are pitched. In fact, the use of animated explainer videos to increase understanding of your ideas, grab the attention of investors, and reach more investors overall are probably a few of the reasons that video helps you to raise more money for your campaigns. The use of animated explainer videos, when pitching investors, can really change the overall trajectory of your campaigns!

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