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How to Hire the Right Boston Event Videographer 

Finding the right Boston event videographer can make a difference in the success of your project. Event videos are a highly useful tool for when you want to open communication with your candidates or customers. You can share information about your product with consumer or industry knowledge with your team. It can help you gather leads for important company moves in the months to come. It may seem small, but finding the right event videography company in Massachusetts for your event can be a big deal. Capturing an important moment can be important for your business for the long-term. Do you know just how you can find the best event videographer for your Boston project? We’ll give you an idea!

The type of event videographer you hire is going to be dependent on two things: what you want to film and the type of gear that will be needed for a successful project. Seminars and conferences are the type of events we record most often but trade shows, company milestones, appreciation events, board meetings, and incentive programs also require top photography and videography.

professional Boston videographer   

From a professional Boston videographer view, the type of video you’ll create and the uses for it will depend on what you want to accomplish and your goals. A video highlight reel that summarizes an event and specific details like the venue, speakers, and sponsor shout-outs can be used to garner attraction or leads to your company. But you can also capture opinions from event attendees or thoughts from the leaders and top keynote speakers for customer testimonials that can help give a more in-depth glimpse into your company and are a great video to create. The place you host your event at and the way that the people who were there felt can impact your viewers in a positive way.

So, do you know which type of event you want to capture? Good. But, do you know what your options are? Do you want to film a very important milestone for your community to see? Do you want to record keynote and breakout sessions at your local seminar? Do you hope to capture interpersonal relationships on your team or community? Or, are you hoping to advertise a new product? Either way, Beverly Boy Productions at help.

Cinematic Boston videographers

Cinematic Boston videographers have talent to make your project stand out. Eye-catching cinematography can be used for many reasons, from highlighting your brand for consumers to sharing updates on a new product, videos can make your programs, projects, or initiatives successful. Corporate event videography is a growing trend – and a top-quality video is a highly-useful marketing tool that can be built upon for many different business objectives!

When you’re planning to capture your upcoming event, it’s important to choose some of the best event videographers in town for a top-notch result. At Beverly Boy, we offer the best freelance videographers for all kinds of projects. We know how important event videos are for your team to move your company forward, whether for short-term goals or long-term goals, so we’d love to put our nearly two decades of experience to work for you. We are proud to have some great crews and cameramen on our team, as well as state-of-the art videography equipment to use for your specific needs. Give us a call today to get the ball (or cameras) rolling!

Boston event videography costs 

No matter what video you want to produce, there will be things to consider for Boston event videography costs. The price you’ll pay will largely depend on how complicated the video will be, how long it will take, and of course, which type of gear will need to be used. The following videography pricing list will give you an idea on what the video-making process entails and what you may expect to pay for. This will help you to make a well-rounded decision on a project.

Event Videography Rates:

  • Video Director:$30/hour to $260/hour 
  • Script Writer/Marketer:$69/hour to $159/hour
  • Video Editor:$68/hour to $178/hour
  • Cameramen:$107/hour to $407/hour
  • Equipment:$26/hour to $106’s/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers:$105 to $405
  • Audio Files:$34 to $1,004
  • Video Rendering:$33/hour to $73/hour
  • B-Roll:12% to 52% addition to shooting costs
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees‘:$101 to $1001’s

This pricing list shows industry averages but every project is unique, as is the company you’ll be working with. For additional information on event videography rates, go ahead and give us a call at Team Beverly Boy [617-314-9267]. We’d love to hear from you.

Boston event video services 

For Boston event video services, you’ll discover that the area of east-central Massachusetts in general has top venues for your corporate videography. A professional video production with a top Boston event videographer can help you to reach many people with the message that you want to share. Whether you’re hoping to give an instructional course or business seminar, proper videography allows you to reach more people than ever with your brand message. You can share a presentation that reaches a local audience at the Exchange Conference Center and then also share it through video with people across the globe. You could also capture Boston event video services at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to use for specific company videos later on. For private corporate functions or business meetings take advantage of one of Boston’s lovely event spaces at places like the Hilton Boston Back Bay or The Bostonian.

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