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How to Book the Right Columbus Event Videographer 

Finding the right Columbus event videographer is an important decision to make for your next project. Event videos are key to growing your team or customer base and can be used to share information or product updates. This is why you should find the best event videography company in Ohio for your production. Publishing an event can help you reach a number of goals. Do you know how to go about finding a professional event videographer for your Columbus project? We’ll help you figure it out!

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The type of event videographer you hire will depend on what you want to film and how you want to capture it. Seminars and conferences are frequent events we record, but so are trade shows, company milestones, appreciation events, board meetings, and incentive programs as they also utilize photography and videography to capture important moments.

Columbus Event Videographer

Professional Columbus videographer   

From a professional Columbus videographer viewpoint, the video you should create is one that will help you reach the goals you have in mind. A simple video highlight reel can be useful on social media, when you want to share a quick summary of the event’s venue, speakers, and sponsor shout-outs. But if you want to capture the responses of event attendees or the ideas of the keynote speakers, customer testimonials are a better video to create. When you capture the venue, the atmosphere, and most importantly, the vibe of an event, your customer testimonial video will be that much more interesting to viewers.

So, you know what type of event you want to capture, but do you which options are available? There is a plethora. You can share updates with your community. Or, perhaps you want to record keynote and breakout sessions at your local seminar to share industry knowledge? Maybe you’d like to display the client/personnel relationships you have? Or, maybe you’re hoping to advertise a new product?

Cinematic Columbus videographers

Cinematic Columbus videographers have the skill needed for your project. Did you know that this type of cinematography can be used to achieve a number of things? From sharing your brand message with your target demographic to maintaining lines of communication with your clientele, there is no shortage of reasons to use video. Corporate event videography is a trend that is growing as time goes by – and a top-quality video is a highly beneficial marketing tool that can be created to reach a number of your company’s business objectives!

When you’re planning to capture your upcoming event, it’s important to invest time into finding the best event videographers for your project. At Beverly Boy, we offer talented freelance videographers for your project needs. We know that event videos are very important for achieving goals and so that’s why we only count on the most talented crews and cutting-edge videography equipment for your special project needs. Ready to get started? Call us today!

Columbus event videography costs 

No matter what video you have in mind, you will need to consider Columbus event videography costs. They will most depend on the length, complexity, and the gear needed for quality results. You’ll find a videography pricing list below that shows various aspects of the video-making process and what you will be paying. Consider referring to this list as you browse around.

Event Videography Rates:

  • Video Director:$22/hour to $252/hour 
  • Script Writer/Marketer:$62/hour to $152/hour
  • Video Editor:$62/hour to $172/hour
  • Cameramen:$102/hour to $402/hour
  • Equipment:$22/hour to $102’s/hour
  • Narrators/Voiceovers:$102 to $402
  • Audio Files:$32 to $1,002
  • Video Rendering:$32/hour to $72/hour
  • B-Roll:12% to 52% addition to shooting costs
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees‘:$102 to $1002’s

This pricing list displays industry averages because each project is unique. To find out more details on our event videography rates, get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you with your project needs.

Columbus event video services 

For Columbus event video services, this city and the central Ohio region as a whole have a lot of venue options for your corporate videography. A professional video production can help you reach a lot of people with your brand message, whether you want to share an instructional course, or business seminar. Using proper videography will allow you to share your content with your target demographic. You can share with a local audience while also streaming your function at a place like the Greater Columbus Convention Center. It offers plenty of space. For a unique and tranquil setting to film Columbus event video services, consider a spot like the Quest Conference Center. For private business meetings consider a spot like the Crowne Plaza Columbus North-Worthington.

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