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Are you seeking professionals who can provide top-rated Windsor EPK Services? Beverly Boy Productions has more than a decade of experience creating electronic press kits. We are here to help you become visible in the industry. If you want to discuss record labels, tour dates with fellow musicians, or if you want behind the scenes footage and b-roll for an EPK for a television show, feature film, or brand, EPK production is what will enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

EPK’s are the most efficient way to market your brand. Unlike physical press kits, EPKs present detailed information of you and your brand in a user-friendly format. Through digital, downloadable media, things like music samples, performance calendars, and contact information are used to promote your film, television project, or music.

One of the critical parts of Windsor EPK services is the creation of a quality video. You can promote your project by adding videos of key performances or BTS and b-roll of the "making of" a project including interviews of key players. Choose to work with an established video production company that is experienced in creating unique EPKs, so you can be well represented, online.

Windsor Electronic Press Kit Production

The content of your electronic press kit will be determined by the type of content you share. With the right information that is carefully crafted, you will be able to (1) promote your project, and (2) display the plans you have for your music, film, broadcast, or brand. Windsor Electronic press kit production is always detailed with the following information:

  • Biography: Use the biography section to tell your story. Captivate your audience with details of some of the accomplishments you have made over the years.
  • Music Samples: To make your readers feel connected with your art, you need to share the best music you have created. More importantly, try including a variety of tracks so that your EPK can be appreciated by potential clients, promoters, presenters, and fans.
  • Photos: Every professional artist always creates a HD image that accompanies a new track. To create diversity in your art, we recommend the use of headshots, band shots, cover art, or other graphics in your EPK.
  • Videos: Your EPK needs to have a video if you want to have an impact on fans, reporters, and other audiences. Videos also help to make sure that your brand is memorable.
  • Press Coverage: Use any press coverage you have to boost your EPK’s quality. Things like interviews and endorsements from radio or networks help your reader/viewer to appreciate the connection you have created with the community.
  • Calendar: You need to include a calendar that contains details of the next event, upcoming gigs, and even performances.
  • Contact Information: Effective Windsor EPK services should highlight clearly the contact details which people can use to easily get to you.

Best EPK Service in Windsor

When it comes to music, the best way to create something close to a resume is coming up with an EPK. This is an efficient tool that you can use to show the world what you offer, and what people can expect from you. You need to ensure that the contents of the EPK are accurate.

Videos provide an immersive experience in your press kit. Whether you want to look for EPK footage like behind the scenes video, or an EPK template to work with, Beverly Boy is here to get things done. With some of the best EPK services in Windsor, you can relax, knowing that professionals have your back. Windsor, Ontario is a great place to create an EPK. The residents of Windsor city experience warm summers with dry, windy, and freezing winters. The city of Windsor offers great locations that you can use as a backdrop to your video. Ambassador Bridge is one of the iconic landmarks of the city that is rich with history. It is a sight to behold. Windsor Riverfront is also a great site which runs between wildflower garden and the Ambassador bridge. At this location, you can view the entire Detroit skyline. If you reside in nearby cities such as Melvindale, Wyandotte, Lincoln Park, and Dearborn, we are here to cater to you.


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    At Beverly Boy Productions, we provide top-quality EPK services for bands, film companies, brands, networks, and record labels. We also create EPK for TV shows and BTS for films. We understand how we can present your project or brand in a unique way. So, count on us to work on your EPK film with utmost professionalism. What goes into EPK can set you up for success. Contact us today to discover how we can help you with your marketing efforts. Team Beverly Boy is here to deliver top-notch Windsor EPK services!



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