Montréal EPK Services

Montréal EPK Services

In search of quality Montréal EPK Services? Reach out to our team for help; we are waiting to listen to your needs. If you want to market your craft more effectively so that industry stakeholders can learn about your art, you need Electronic press kits. Whether you want to discuss record labels, upcoming tour dates with fellow musicians, or if you want to take behind the scenes footage and b-roll for an EPK for a television show, feature film, or brand, an EPK production is what you need.

When marketing your brand to radio stations or even record labels, key decision makers will also plan to look at your EPK. So, what is the advantage of EPK’s? They are the most effective way to describe your brand. Unlike physical press kits, EPKs are able to present your music, career highlights, and other useful information in digital, downloadable media. You have to include music samples, performance calendars, and contact information, if you want to promote your film, television project, or music.

When hiring a team to deliver Montréal EPK services, you need to be keen on the quality of the video you receive. You can promote your project by including videos of key performances, or BTS and b-roll of the "making of" a project, including interviews of key players. To ensure that you succeed in this process, you need a top-quality video production company that can take your EPK to a whole new level.

Montréal Electronic Press Kit Production

As you plan to draft the content of your electronic press kit, you need to pick the essential elements that will assist you to promote your project and allow you to display your future plans for your music, film, broadcast, or brand. Montréal Electronic press kit production usually requires the following details:

  • Biography: This is the part where your audience gets to know you better. Apart from your background info, the genre and style of your music, you can also include what you are currently working on.
  • Music Samples: Since you have already created some music, it is important to include both video and audio. You can include a variety of tracks to your EPK if you want to attract a wide audience base like potential clients, promoters, presenters, and fans.
  • Photos: You can easily picture a great photo of any musician or band that is in the mainstream media. We advise the use of things like headshots, band shots, cover art, or other graphics in your EPK.
  • Videos: One of the most important parts of your EPK is the video. Through videos, fans, reporters, and other audiences will have the opportunity of watching your artistry in action. You need to hire quality video production services if you want to make your brand memorable.
  • Press Coverage: If you have any press coverage, it will boost your EPK’s quality. Interviews and endorsements from radio or networks are ways to show your reader/viewer that the community has experienced your art, and you are open for more vital press opportunities.
  • Calendar: You need to feature your upcoming gigs and performances in a calendar.
  • Contact Information: The best Montréal EPK services will provide contact details that will enable industry members to reach you without any issue.

Best EPK Service in Montréal

EPKs can be seen as your biography or your resume. You have to create a spectacular EPK because it will speak about your professional experience to different people who want to learn more about your art.

Your press kit delivers a better experience when you include videos. Whether you want to look for EPK footage like behind the scenes video, or an EPK template to work with, you can always work with Beverly Boy. If you want to experience the best EPK services in Montréal, drop us a line. Montréal, Quebec is a great place to create an EPK. The weather in the city constitutes of long and warm summers, with windy, snowy, and freezing winters. Montréal offers great locations that can come in handy if you want to shoot testimonials for your EPK. Let’s have a look at two locations. Jardin Botanique is a wonderful botanical garden that can spice up any shoot. Notre-Dame Basilica is another iconic location. Founded in 1656, it is the oldest church in the city. Give us a call today in case you require quality services in nearby cities like Longueuil, Dorval, and Beloeil.


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    If you want to stand out and make your brand visible, you need to work with production-masters from Beverly Boy Productions, who can creatively produce an EPK film for your project or brand. Our team also provides top-quality EPK services for networks, brands, bands, film companies, and record labels. We also create EPK for TV shows and BTS for films. What goes into EPK depends on the type of services you get. At Beverly Boy, we offer affordable and dependable Montréal EPK services!



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