Edmonton EPK Services

Edmonton EPK Services

If you are searching for prime Edmonton EPK Services, then you need to contact Team Beverly Boy today for quality Electronic press kits. Whether your team is discussing about record labels or sharing upcoming tour dates with your fellow musicians, you need top EPK production services. If you also require behind the scenes footage and b-roll for an EPK for a television show, feature film, or brand, you know who to call.

In case you want to describe your brand, EPK’s are the best tools to use. Unlike physical press kits, EPKs will allow you to express your personality through different digital, downloadable media. Some of the common digital elements you need include music samples, performance calendars, and contact information. These elements are useful in promoting your film, television project, or music.

To produce quality video for your EPK, you need professional Edmonton EPK services. You can promote your project by including videos of key performances or BTS and b-roll of the "making of" a project including interviews of key players. You need to work with a top-quality video production company to create an EPK that will cause anyone to be impressed by your accomplishments and future plans.

Edmonton Electronic Press Kit Production

The process of creating the content of your electronic press kit requires the availability of pertinent information that will help you to (1) promote your project, and (2), present the plans you have for your music, film, broadcast, or brand. The requirements needed for Edmonton Electronic press kit production usually includes the following:

  • Biography: Share your journey, your story, your passion, and even your future plans through a well edited bio. In addition, share specific details like the type of sound, style, and genre of music you create.
  • Music Samples: The whole idea of an EPK is to market your brand through the sample tracks you have produced. Try to include a variety of tracks to make your EPK appeal to a wider audience like potential clients, promoters, presenters, and fans.
  • Photos: Imagine any professional artist, what image comes to mind? You will definitely picture a high-resolution image of the individual or band. We recommend including things like headshots, band shots, cover art, or other graphics in your EPK.
  • Videos: One of the most effective components in an EPK are the videos you upload. Fans, reporters, and other audiences will get a better experience of your art when they see you in action. Videos are not meant to only help you stand out, they can also make your brand memorable.
  • Press Coverage: You can boost the quality of your EPK if you have any press coverage. Your reader/viewer will get a broader perspective of the effect of your craft when they see things like interviews and endorsements from radio or networks.
  • Calendar: Add a calendar of events in your press kit which features your upcoming shows, events, and performances.
  • Contact Information: Choose great Edmonton EPK services which will assist you to ensure that you place contact details that will make it easy for different members of the industry to reach you.

Best EPK Service in Edmonton

Your resume, when it comes to the artistic landscape is your EPK. Industry players will use it to understand your capabilities, your passion, and how they can follow your journey. It’s crucial to have an EPK that portrays an accurate picture of your craft.

Videos tend to be one of the highlights of your press kit. Whether you want an EPK footage like behind the scenes video, or an EPK template, Beverly Boy is here to bring your ideas to life. With some of the best EPK services in Edmonton, you are guaranteed of quality work when you work with us. Edmonton, Alberta is a great place to create an EPK. The weather in the city is punctuated by long, partly cloudy, and comfortable summers, with windy, snowy, and freezing winters. Across the year, the average weather varies between 6°F and 75°F. If you want to feature one of the most notable landmarks as a backdrop to your video, visit one of the world’s largest shopping mall known as the West Edmonton Mall. In this location, you can sample the ice rink, movie theaters, an aquarium, and so much more. Another iconic landmark is the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. This is an open-air museum that preserves the culture of the immigrants who settled in the area. Reach out to us today if you require professional services in nearby cities like Morinville, Leduc, Bon Accord, and Stony Plain.


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    Do you want your project or brand to stand out? Choose a professional crew that is specialized in crafting an EPK film.  At Beverly Boy Productions, we provide top-quality EPK services for film companies, bands, networks, record labels, and brands. We also create EPK for TV shows and BTS for films. What goes into EPK can determine if you will succeed, or not. Engage the minds of professionals today by reaching out to us for effective Edmonton EPK services!



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