Alexandria EPK Services

Alexandria EPK Services

Are you looking for top-rated Alexandria EPK Services near you? Look no further than Beverly Boy Productions. After creating a film and you want to market it to the public, an electric press kit or EPK is what you need. A sure way to stand out among the rest starts by understanding electronic press kits. So, if you have discussions about record labels, or you are setting tour dates with your fellow musicians, or you want behind the scenes footage and b-roll for an EPK for a television show, feature film, or brand, having an EPK production can help you attain your marketing goals with ease.

You need to use EPK’s if you want to promote your brand. EPKs gather a plethora of information that can be explored easily, and accessed from anywhere, unlike physical press kits. When using digital, downloadable media, things like music samples, performance calendars, and contact information are added to your EPK to promote your film, television project, or music.

Another important component that is essential in Alexandria EPK services is the quality of your video. To promote your project, you can include videos of key performances, or BTS and b-roll of the "making of" a project, including interviews of key players. Beverly Boy Productions is a high-quality video production company that can take your EPK to levels that will make your project memorable.

Alexandria Electronic Press Kit Production

There are lots of valuable information that should be prepared if you want to build the content of your electronic press kit, so that you can promote your project and as you give your viewers an idea of what your music, film, broadcast, or brand future goals or plans are like. Your Alexandria Electronic press kit production should include the following:

  • Biography: Make use of this opportunity to talk about who you are, your           sound, genre, and the type of musician you are.
  • Music Samples: As an artist, include a variety of tracks in your EPK that will show your range as an artist to different people like potential clients, promoters, presenters, and fans. You can have a snippet of your music, or include complete tracks in the EPK.
  • Photos: A photo can make a lasting impression on someone, therefore, make sure you capture the best photo that will present you as an interesting artist. We recommend the use of headshots, band shots, cover art, or other graphics in your EPK. There is no limit to the number of shots to include, put as many as possible, but be strategic about it.
  • Videos: A video can help fans, reporters, and the general public to gauge your artistry as a musician or filmmaker. Not only do videos enhance your image, when done correctly, they can help make your brand memorable.
  • Press Coverage: Include the interviews and endorsements from radio or networks to enhance your EPK’s quality. Also, add links to the press coverage. Another way of enhancing your EPK is by adding favorable testimonials from respected industry professionals to help you in building your profile to the reader/viewer.
  • Calendar: Your calendar needs to have updated information of upcoming gigs, live performances, or appearances.
  • Contact Information: Adding your contact information such as emails, or social media pages will help your fans and other industry stakeholders in the industry to get in touch with you. Part of our Alexandria EPK services is to make sure your contact form is easy to use by industry agents, and promoters.

Best EPK Service in Alexandria’

A way in which you can show the world what you stand for and what your brand means is by using an EPK. You can picture an EPK as a resume. You have to make sure that you provide accurate information of your work, and yourself.

Videos are the highlight of your press kit. Whether you're looking for EPK footage like behind the scenes video, or an EPK template to work with, Beverly Boy will prepare them for you. Since we offer the best EPK services in Alexandria, we’re ready to help you succeed. Alexandria, Egypt is a great place to create an EPK. The weather in Alexandria is made up of warm, arid and clear summers, with cool and windy winters. Alexandria offers great locations for filming, such as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which is one of the modern world’s most ambitious libraries. You can also checkout the Abu Abbas al-Mursi Mosque, which is a major pilgrimage site. If you reside in nearby cities such as Rosetta, Fowa, and Borg El Arab, we can easily cater to your needs.


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    Mastering the art of an EPK film is important if you want your project or brand to be unique and different from everyone else. Beverly Boy Productions provides top-quality EPK services for bands, film companies, networks, brands and record labels. Part of our service includes creating EPK for TV shows and BTS for films. The success of your project is determined by what goes into your EPK. Reach out to us today and benefit from our professional Alexandria EPK services!



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