6 Factors Contributing to Your Training Video Costs

Producing employee training videos or consumer training video content for your brand can range in price from a few thousand dollars to several tens of thousands depending on your content needs.

Training videos that are production intense and which deliver longer series content are naturally more expensive to produce than simple training that requires limited planning and post-production editing. If you’re wondering where your training video costs are coming from, or where you may be able to shave some of the total budgeted expense, consider these 6 contributing factors.

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1. Crew Size

Larger productions will definitely require more crew members and will entail a higher production cost. In addition to the cameraman, you need a sound technician and there will be editors and various other crew needs. If your training video is to include special talent, those costs can also add up quickly.

To reduce the expenses associated with crew size, consider hiring a professional production crew to produce your training video content. While a professional crew may not immediately seem like a lower-cost option, hiring a professional ensures the most efficient production process and, in the end, efficient production is almost always more cost-effective.

2. Location

Where you produce your training videos play a key role in the overall cost of production. A video produced in a studio will incur costs associated with studio rental and these could quickly add up. Likewise, if your training video production takes place in a high-traffic location, permitting and other associated costs could also add up quickly.

To save money on your shoot, consider a shooting location that is semi-private and close to the production agency that you hire to produce the video. You may also consider using your own office or place of work to produce the training videos if there is ample space for production to occur.

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3. Shoot TIme

Both the timing of the shoot and the length of time required for the shoot will play into the total training video cost. A training video that can be shot in a day will certainly be more affordable than a training series that takes a week to shoot. Extra days shooting means extra days for staff, actors, and associated support crew to make the production happen.

To reduce the total cost of your training video production consider scheduling shoots so that you get the most footage bang for your buck. Coordinate shots in a way that utilizes the time most appropriately and ask the production crew to do their part to keep the total production time to a minimum.

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4. Animations & Graphics

Post-production costs associated with training videos can also add a lot to the bottom line. Animations and motion graphics that are incorporated into many training videos require the added talent of a professional graphics editor and animator on top of various other production-related expenses.

To reduce the post-production costs that you accrue in creating your training video consider reducing the use of animations or other complex motion graphics that add to post-production expenses. While motion graphics are slightly more affordable than animations, both can quickly increase total costs for your content.

5. Resources

Various resource needs can quickly increase the total cost of your training videos. To reduce the cost of your training content, speak with a professional training video production team that will pool resources together to get the most out of your budget. Professionals with a background in the industry often have the resources you need for your production or have networked with others that have resources at a competitive advantage which can save time and money in the long run.


6. Specialists

Does your training video require a specialist to deliver the engaging content you desire? Will you use aerial video production techniques or underwater filming to deliver the content to your audience? All of these specialist services add to the total production cost and require added steps in terms of getting filming permissions and access to produce the content.

To reduce total costs, consider limiting the specialist requirements and needs to produce your training videos. While certain tactics such as aerial videography seem exciting and fun, if they aren’t vital to the delivery of your story and you’re on a strict production budget, you may want to consider other options.

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Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to find out what kind of budget costs you can expect for your training videos. Our crews have decades of experience and the resources you need for engaging content delivery. We can’t wait to help you with your next training video production.

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