5 Benefits of Employee Orientation Videos

5 Benefits of Employee Orientation Videos

When you hire a new employee, nothing stands out for your organization more than failure to onboard the employee and help them get situated.

Employee orientation videos represent a way for you to attract, engage, and onboard your new employees so that they feel comfortable in their new position and ready to stick around with your business. Employee orientation videos actually serve several benefits for businesses. Here are the top benefits we find in delivering employee orientation videos for your team.

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 Consistency in Training

Employee orientation videos represent a way to deliver employee new-hire training in a consistent manner.

Instead of having multiple people do the training and there is a potential for something to be missed or for important information to be overlooked, delivering employee orientation training in a video that is the same for all new employees means everyone gets the same, consistent training.

 Flexibility in Topics

Each new employee orientation for an area of your business or department is different. By producing employee orientation videos you have the flexibility to produce topics that are ideal for each department and have several orientation training videos for your firm.

Many brands find that it’s best to have an entire library of employee orientation videos that span topics like medical leave, harassment, phone use, workplace safety, hazards, HIPPA, and requesting time off. Crafting short employee orientation videos on each subject allows you to delegate different videos to employees as needed.

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 Engagement & Monitoring

When you deliver employees a handwritten onboarding packet you have no idea whether they actually engaged and read the whole thing or not.

There’s very little monitoring unless you test employees on their knowledge and even then, we retain about 20-30% of what we read, so there would likely be many failed employee onboarding tests. Instead, consider employee orientation videos that you can monitor for how frequently or how much each employee watches when they watch, and how they engage in the video.

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 Use Creativity 

With written content, you have very little flexibility and can’t get very creative. Therefore, some of the employee orientation topics that you could normally cover in great detail with visual content would not be as beautifully covered with written orientation manuals.

Videos allow you to get creative with your employee orientation content and you can even incorporate engaging quizzes or other forms of interactive content within the videos.


 Efficiency with Delivery

Employee orientation videos are the most efficient means of delivering employee onboarding and orientation skills. There’s no need to schedule the orientation with an upper manager and the employee can watch the orientation on his or her own time.

Where it once would take a week or more to schedule a new hire in order to set up complex employee orientation with your staff, a video system for employee orientation allows the process to be completed in mere days or less. 

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