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A top El Paso Church Video Production Company like Beverly Boy Productions provides religious communities with video content for plays, live streaming of church services, choir concerts, or other related services that are provided at the house of worship. There is an uptrend in Church video production in El Paso. From live church streaming to having a recorded services archive, video content has taken center stage in church marketing firms. When you look at the research done by Pew Research Center, it is said that over 35% of Americans “say” that they attend weekly church services, while in fact, only half of the people who were researched on attend the physical church service. If you want to increase the membership of your church, you have to work with a church marketing consultant. Beverly Boy Productions is here to help in promoting your church and the message you are sharing with the community. When you get in touch with Beverly Boy Productions, we will create the appropriate video content that will solve your needs. As a video marketing agency, we are well prepared to reach your parishioners with stunning visual content. To work with a top El Paso church video production company, call Beverly Boy Productions today.

Church Marketing in El Paso

There are lots of faith-based marketing companies in El Paso, but not all of them are capable of creating video content that can influence the growth of your church members. At Beverly Boy Productions, we will help you to create multiple effective videos to market the church. For this videos to be produced, you need different types of equipment. For example, the church video production equipment that we use to film church play is not the same as the gear we use for church live-streaming. That is where Beverly Boy Productions comes in. Whether you are a mega-church streaming live church services or just a small-town church recording a Christmas play, you can count on our El Paso church video production company, Beverly Boy Productions. 

Benefits of Church Video Production

There are numerous advantages of using church video production in Texas. First, when you record and share the programs and services you have, you will be able to create an opportunity for the community to see what your church is doing.  You can use this step for attracting new members. Next, when you use your footage for marketing, you will have a realistic estimate of the audience you can reach. Is a live church service online able to help those who cannot physically make it to the church event? Is it beneficial to record and archive services for people who are always on the road? Lastly, creating high-quality videos that are appealing to the viewers will help you to connect with people who will watch your content. This will assist you to easily build trust with the public. If you want to recruit new members to join your church family, it is more effective to use video content as a way to reach many people at once.  Now, video content creation is an affordable option. How? Well, let’s say you have lessons for your Sunday school; you can record the lesson and use it repeatedly to a different group of children. As you can see, there are different benefits of using an El Paso church video production company. Call us today and let’s discuss your needs. 

El Paso, a great city to film

If you want to have a well-versed El Paso Church Video Production Company to work with, talk to us today. The city has lots of catholic churches. One of the oldest parishes in Texas is Yselta Mission which had its first mass in 1660. Although the church has been rebuilt several times over the years, it was completely destroyed in 1907 and the only part remaining is the sacristy. The magnificent Monastery of Perpetual Adoration houses an order of Catholic nuns who have devoted their lives to prayer. An El Paso film crew can have the outside architecture of the monastery as a beautiful landmark of the city. El Paso is also home to one of the only 13 Holocaust museums that are spread across the United States. This museum is also considered to be the only bi-lingual museum. If you want to have a church live stream in front of a prime location in the beautiful landscapes in El Paso, you can pick a location that you can use as an interesting backdrop to your video. 

How to Get Started

To get the best faith-based video marketing services, reach out to Beverly Boy Productions. We are your El Paso church video production company. Once you call our team, we will pair you with one of our friendly producers who will seek to understand your needs. At the same time, our team will be assessing what is needed to support your project. For example, we will determine whether you need a live or recorded video, decide the type of equipment you will need, and lastly, present a production concept to you. Next, we will ensure that your project is filmed and edited. Before we complete the entire process, we will ask for your opinion on the last edit and take any editorial changes you need. Once we have the final video, we will present it to you for distribution. 

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    We can get started on your faith-based video marketing services in as little as 24 hours. We are a El Paso church video production company dedicated to working in a timely manner so that your live or recorded production can be ready for you to use it when you need to use it. We handle every aspect of the production to ensure that it is filmed and edited properly for you. You will get the final say though to ensure that your production is the exact production you need.



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