Filming E Learning Video Production in Houston, TX

The use of video in a classroom or educational setting can literally bring ideas to life making them easier to grasp and more likely to be fully understood by student audiences. Filming E Learning video production in Houston, TX is essential to producing top quality video content which represents the backbone to any online course or educational activity. 

E Learning videos don’t only benefit students, they help teachers, too! Perhaps this is why the E Learning video industry is growing so rapidly? Working closely with a full-service production company that specializes in filming E Learning video production in Houston will not only help you advance your progress to achieve your educational video creation goals, it could set your course apart from the competition! 

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Why Create Professional E Learning Videos?

The decision to create professional e learning videos in Space City is certainly an important consideration for any organization, college or university, online course creator or educator. E Learning videos have the capacity to teach or train audience members on a variety of concepts and important topics from incredibly easy to follow, basic instructions to advanced, and highly-complex topics in science, mathematical processes, or other important subject areas. 

Elearning videos are an important addition to most digital coursework and have the capacity to engage and educate students with entirely new instruction matter. These videos are actually required across many different educational platforms such as Thinkific, Udemy and Teachable. Platforms like these require minimum essential amounts of video to accompany lectures or coursework because educational video content speaks to a wider audience of learners providing unique access to instructional material that is delivered with audio visual support.

Benefits of E Learning Video Production in Houston

E Learning video production has a variety of potential benefits. ELearning videos create a more efficient learning process for students and for teachers. In fact, the production of elearning videos makes teaching more consistent in scenarios where repeat training is required for a large group of students. These short, engaging videos make learning complex, difficult to follow or understand concepts easier to digest through visible training scenarios and learning objectives that are introduced in each short, and engaging video.

In fact, elearning videos have the power to reach a wider student audience, too. Remote learners can engage and learn from these videos just as in-classroom learners can, too. Teachers can ensure consistent, time-saving messaging across their course when they introduce concepts through video. Organizations also benefit from elearning video production in this capacity as they can consistently provide training throughout the organization both to remote workers and to those working in-house.

Choosing the Best Type of E Learning Video Content

A variety of different types of e learning video content are available to support organizational, institutional or course delivery needs. At the organizational level, businesses and brands often benefit from the following types of elearning video content:

  • New Employee onboarding videos.
  • Employee training videos.
  • Management and leadership videos.
  • Culture strategy and change management videos.
  • Customer education videos and new customer onboarding videos.
  • Technical skills training videos.
  • Sales training videos.
  • Policy and compliance training videos.

Likewise, at the institutional level, colleges and universities as well as elementary level schools and high schools can benefit from various types of elearning videos such as:

  • Educational support videos.
  • New student orientation videos.
  • New student onboarding videos.
  • Customer support videos.
  • Engaging training videos.
  • Immersive tutorial videos.

Elearning videos are useful for online course content creators, too. Course creators can use educational videos to:

  • Teach and train on new concepts relative to the course.
  • Provide engaging content that reinforces challenging subject matter.
  • Offer unique learning opportunities for general audiences.
  • Skills building and support of general concepts and tasks.

These are just some of the many ways that eLearning videos can be integrated into the teaching and training of audiences at various stages and in different situations.

Considerations when Filming E Learning Video Production in Houston

When it comes to filming e learning video production in Houston, several major considerations are important to plan for ahead of the process. If you’re going to work with a professional production crew, they’ll probably ask you upfront about:

  • Cost or budget: how much do you have to spend on your educational video content?
  • Timeline: how long do you have to produce the video content?
  • Total runtime: how long do you want your video to be? 

Keep in mind, educational videos are generally best kept to about 6 minutes or less in total runtime. Anything longer than 6 minutes has the potential to quickly lose student interest and engagement. When important concepts require substantially longer runtimes, consider breaking them down into two or more videos rather than creating one overly long video that might run the risk of losing audience attention.

When filming elearning video production in Houston, it’s also important to carefully consider details relevant to the type of content you’ll create, where you’ll film your videos, and how you can incorporate your video content into your educational course or training. Fortunately, producing these videos in the Bayou City of course lends the film crew to unique backdrop opportunities along the Houston Metropolis which extends all the way to Galveston Bay. The downtown area is great for film production and features unique landmarks along the Theater District, the Historic District, and the various upscale restaurants and dining locations throughout the city. 

To learn more about filming e learning video production in Houston, give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We’ll put more than two decades of experience and expertise to work for you on your e learning video project!

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