How Professional Live Streaming Equipment Reduces Your COVID Risk

How Professional Live Streaming Equipment Reduces Your COVID Risk

COVID-19 transmissions are a growing concern throughout the world, but the show must go on. In fact, despite the growing trend towards COVID-19 being more dominant in the USA, businesses and brands continue to push for ways that they can incorporate video production techniques into their everyday routines in order to show their customers the latest and greatest video production efforts taking place around their business. While big brands and small aim to remain socially distant and safe according to CDC guidelines, they are also seeking ways to deliver professionally produced content to their audiences. Checkout these various ways that professional live streaming equipment not only provides access to your brand to connect with a consumer audience in real-time, it may even reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19.

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Professional LIve Streaming Equipment Increases Reach

The use of professional live streaming equipment increases the total reach that you receive for your content. Videos that are produced with professional live streaming equipment are shared within the business profile to reach consumers. Professional equipment allows for advances in production such as customer tracking, analytics tracking, and various other monitoring services. Brands that utilize professional live streaming equipment can reach more consumers with their content. In fact, video has the power to reach a wider audience than written content alone and this is proven by the fact that video is shared 2 to 1.

Live Streaming Events Reduces Social Interactions

Although we all love social events and the time we get to spend with one another professional live streaming equipment can reduce our risk of contracting COVID-19 by providing access to live streamed events without requiring social interactions to take place. Filming live stream events and sharing them via various networks is the key to keeping our social interactions limited without actually limiting our ability to watch and participate in activities or events taking place throughout the country and around the world.

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When watching an event via the live stream, consumers are able to see and interact much like they would in person but there is no risk of actual face-to-face transmission of the COVID-19 germ or the coronavirus. The result is a safer balance between enjoying ones set and being subject to interactions with others.

Professional Live Streaming Equipment Features Contactless Delivery

Did you know that you can call Beverly Boy Productions to have live streaming video equipment delivered to your business or other location without physically touching the delivery driver in any way? Contact less delivery of the professional live streaming equipment reduces your risk of COVID-19 by minimizing your interaction with others. If you’re ready to order camera equipment and that associated equipment that you’ll need to produce videos without risking yourself or your business due to COVID-19, professional live streaming equipment from Beverly Boy Productions is the answer to your needs

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