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Church marketing firms have started using video as the key marketing tool. Since Beverly Boy Productions is an experienced Denver Church Video Production Company, we are ready to provide religious communities with top-quality video content for live streaming of church services, choir concerts, plays or other services that are provided at the house of worship. As a leading provider of Church video production in Denver, we are going to work with you in promoting your church and the message you are sharing with the community. Video has various applications to assist the church to function better. Having a live church streaming, or creating a recorded services archive will help you to provide value to different types of church members. This is how you end up attracting members to your church. Now, if you want to get the most out our services, we can provide a video marketing package that will target specific needs you want us to resolve. As a video marketing agency, we can do it all. If you also want high-quality videos to reach your parishioners, you can count on team Beverly Boy; we are the best Denver church video production company in the market. 

Church Marketing in Denver

If you want to have an effective marketing plan that will grow your church membership, you should only look at experienced faith-based marketing companies in Denver. You should also note that not all marketing companies can deliver what you need. In marketing, diverse videos are useful. To create different videos, you need different types of equipment. For instance, the church video production equipment for recording a church play is different to that of a church live-streaming set-up. That is why you need to work with Beverly Boy Productions. Our team is ready to make your project stand out. If you need professional mega-church streaming live church services or if you are just a small-town church recording a Christmas play, work with our Denver church video production company.

Benefits of Church Video Production

Churches have seen incredible benefits of using videos to market their services and programs. Church video production in Colorado is continuously growing, and many more churches are adopting video marketing as their primary strategy for sharing their messages. First, churches are recording and sharing events to identify themselves to the community. This is effective for attracting new members. Next, the footage churches use for marketing helps them to know their real audience. There are many other projects that can benefit your community. For example, you can find out if a live church service online can serve those who cannot attend the physical church service. You can also check out if recording and storing services can help those who travel for weeks. These are all benefits that will help you to build a strong community of church members. Just so you know, videos are quite popular in today’s age. They are easy to consume, and they pack a lot of information. When you create a relatable video, you can build trust with the church and the community around you.  Now, if your goal is to recruit new members to join your church family, you better take advantage of videos by crafting creative content.  Finally, videos are cost effective. Here is how; if you want to create lessons for Sunday school, you can record the lessons and re-use them as often as you can. With all the numerous benefits of hiring a Denver church video production company, why should you wait any longer?

Denver, a beautiful city to film

If you want to hire an established Denver Church Video Production Company, our team is here for you. The city has stunning architectural specimens. One of the most spectacular churches you can visit is  The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It has a twin 210-foot towers, an altar, stained glass windows, a statuary, and a bishop’s chair that is made from imported Italian marble. A Denver film crew would be perfect to help you shoot in front of this beautiful catholic landmark. Denver also has a number of unique museums, like the Clyfford Still museum, which hosts the works of Clyfford Still. Additionally, the Brad Cloepfil building is a marvel that houses the artists multi-dimensional work. If you want to shoot a church live stream in front of a good historical church that can be your video’s background, pick one of the spectacular church landmarks in the city.   

How to Get Started

As you seek to hire faith-based video marketing services from a top video productions company, first check out their past productions. At Beverly Boy Productions, we are a leading Denver church video production company that has a lot of sample videos we can show you. Once you contact us, we will take time to listen to your needs. One of our producers will be tasked with the mandate of providing you with all the updates about your project. Before we start the filming process, we will ensure that we prepare the appropriate equipment for your specific project. Next, we will discuss whether your video will be live or recorded. Then, we will make sure that the project is filmed and edited. Once we are done with the editing phase, we will show you the result and wait for any change requests. Finally, we will provide a polished version that you will share with your community. 


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    We can get started on your faith-based video marketing services in as little as 24 hours. We are a Denver church video production company dedicated to working in a timely manner so that your live or recorded production can be ready for you to use it when you need to use it. We handle every aspect of the production to ensure that it is filmed and edited properly for you. You will get the final say though to ensure that your production is the exact production you need.



      Drop us a line, we'll get back to you ASAP!