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Denver Crowdfunding Video Production Services

Did you know you could raise your kickstarter success rate to 85% just by investing in a kickstarter video? According to this 2017 article by the MWP on Digital Media backed with research-based off 7,196 passed-failed kickstarter projects. Showing the importance of video marketing for entrepreneurs, and proving that those who used good quality videos were better received by their audiences than to those who didn’t. Not all ideas are going to take off, but being sure to clear communication about the service you’re offering is a good way to find success here in Denver, as well as Boulder, Fort Collins, and Greeley.

So, what’s all this hubbub about videos, and what makes it the go-to marketing tool? Good question. This 2018 statistic had shown that over 80% of American internet users take in their online video content through any given device on a monthly basis. Videos are fun, engaging, and takes no time to produce.

You have a brilliant idea. Before you take it to the internet, look into giving Denver crowdfunding video production services a try.

Denver Startup Video Production

Videos are a pretty regular thing seen on any given social media platform. You name it, any personal blogs, through Instagram ads, and even as you scroll Facebook. Video content is everywhere and consumers love indulging in all sorts of social media videos. Your brand could be a part of the fun. So put some money and effort into your very own top-quality video and see how many likes and shares you could get.

Pushing social media to the side for a moment, you have another option you could use to help to spread your word around, and it is crowdfunding sites. Using a crowdfunding platform could help take away a lot of the grunt work that goes into kickstarter projects. Sites like Indiegogo, Crowdcube, GoFundMe, Rocket Hub, and Kickstarter, act as promoter websites. They help you by pushing your content out there, giving you a lot more reach to potential clients and they even set up fundraising, for your brand.

Here are a couple of well-known examples of business who started small, and thanks to crowdfunding and their own startup video production they’ve made it big. First off is Scopely, and game publisher and distributor from L.A. Our second is Uber Technologies Inc. A very popular transportation network company. These two quickly took off thanks to these extra benefits of using videos and crowdfunding. Keep that in mind when you’re figuring out your own options.

Denver Kickstarter Video Production

A good and effective crowdfunding campaign should be paired with a good and effective video. Here we’ve given you 4 tips that will help you accomplish having that highly effective kickstarter video production.
1. Make sure the length is right. Experts recommend that you keep your video at 5 minutes length. Plan to use that time wisely and keep it close to the point, so you can engage your audience and keep them interested.

2. Set yourself apart. You need to embrace your amazing idea, your brand’s culture, and personality. Use that passion you had coming up with your product and inspire confidence.

3. Tell a story. Make it entertaining and charming. Don’t be afraid to spin a tale centered around your product. The most successful videos had told a story. Ignite a spark among your audience.

4. Invest in quality. You have to be willing to dip into your bank account. You some decent quality cameras, audio equipment, and editing programs. If you cut corners for video production, your audience will assume the same thing about your product.
If that sounds like it’s way over your head, consider using an experienced crowdfunding video production service. They already have the tools need to put you in the spotlight and highlight your brand.

Denver Indiegogo Video Production

Setting a fundraising goal and using crowdfunding to achieve that goal isn’t very complicated. Entrepreneurs typically use various online platforms and other forms of media to help them climb the latter of success. The options and knowing what’s the best way to execute your idea can be pretty overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it on your own! Let us help you along the journey!

We’re Beverly Boy Productions and we’re experts with making a kickstarter video. We know how to make engaging content, grab the attention of your targeted audience here in Denver. We can help you get the attention of investors who’d back your vision in a heartbeat. Denver, Colorado is chock-full of potential for Denver Crowdfunding Video Production. There’s a chill in the air for these last few months of the year and the city of Denver offers beautiful locations like the 16th Street Mall. Built-in 1982, it’s 1.25 miles long that houses 300 different stores and 50 restaurants. The next spot is Union Station built-in 1881, it’s considered one of the most popular places to visit.

We know the in’s and out’s to the Indiegogo platform. If you’re still on the fence about what kind of crowdfunding platform to use. Give us a shot! We’ll set you up with an Indiegogo video production.


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