A List of Video Production Services Used By Corporations

A List of Video Production Services Used By Corporations 

Corporate video production represents an all encompassing term for a wide range of video types that are produced for businesses and business owners. Deciding which video production services to use for your business requires an understanding of all the different options that are available to you. In this list of video production services used by corporations we outline the top styles of video production for corporations and the content that your business could benefit from.

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This list of video production services represents various styles of content that can be produced by Beverly Boy Productions. Give us a call at 888-462-7808 to learn more about our professional corporate video production services.

1. Promotional Video Production

The production of promotional video content that represents the products or services that you provide or the events that are are involved in can help your corporate business to gain consumer awareness and recognition.

2. Event Video Production

One of the most prominent of our list of video production services, event video production represents the capture of your corporate events, conferences, panels, and keynote speeches for display to your consumer audience.

3. Fundraiser Video Production

The production of fundraiser videos that include non-profit programs and organizations can help you to engage consumers and deliver details of your nonprofit to the world.

4. Animated Video Production

Corporations often look to animated videos to explain complex topics or to promote products that are otherwise difficult to explain. Used in conjunction with live-video, animated video content can go a long way in connecting with your audience.

5. Branded Video Production

Branded videos are widely used in corporate marketing. The use of branded films will typically involve stories that depict the underlying morals or values of the brand and frequently have a higher budget than other forms of corporate video on our list of video production services.

6. Commercial Video Production

The use of commercial videos for your products or services continues to expand, especially with commercials included in social media. Consider commercial videos to deliver content that directly connects with your audience.

7. Training Video Production

Training videos are being used by corporations for everything from onboarding new customers or employees to teaching students. Training videos are ideal for instructing on just about any topic or subject.

8. Product Video Production

Product videos have the power to deliver exceptional connections to the products that your business provides. Consider the use of product videos on your landing pages, product pages, and in your email campaigns.

9. Educational Video Production

The use of educational videos is something that corporations can use for a variety of purposes. Most widely, educational videos are used to boost consumer awareness of your brand and to guide purchase decisions.

10. Documentary Video Production

A documentary that outlines the history and background of your business, the ways that your products or services have been used by consumers, or some other interview driven authentic story that relates to your brand is a great way to generate consumer connections.

This list of video production services represents the most widely used video styles for big brands and corporations, but it’s equally reflective of the type of content that small businesses can benefit from.

Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808 to learn more about our video production services and how they can work for your brand.

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